Sainte-Catherine entrance open once again

The Sainte-Catherine entrance, located near Square Cabot, is once again open to transit users. Bus stops are also all back at their usual locations. 

Atwater station will soon be fully renovated

Sainte-Catherine acces

From early on in 2016 we’ve been busy completely refurbishing the station, from the track level, to the mezzanine to the De Maisonneuve entrance building.

Since January 2017, we have undertaken the second phase of work inside the station and the Sainte-Catherine entryway located near Cabot Square will be entirely redone.

By completely closing the entryway, we will be able to work day and night and carry out the following work:

  • Demolish the building’s two triangular-shaped wings
  • Demolish a water drainage pan and foot grilles in the corridor
  • Rebuild the entryway building’s outer shell (roof and exterior walls)
  • Install new, retractable grillwork at the top of the stairs and in the corridor
  • Install four new pivoting, butterfly-type doors, including two wider, motorized ones
  • Replace and upgrade lighting fixtures
  • Refurbish all floor finishes and stairs
  • Install new signage throughout station
  • Landscape exterior of station

Other structural and architectural work will be performed at the same time.

Yes, some bus stops were relocated around the Sainte-Catherine entryway.

The map below shows the temporary location of bus stops around the Cabot Square entryway.

Map of vinicity

Type of work done :

  • Refurbishment of the structural slab
  • Replacement of three pivoting doors, addition of a motorized door to improve accessibility
  • Replacement of curtain walls   
  • Repairs to masonry work and roofing 
  • Re-grading of soil on north side of station
  • Addition of window shutters
  • Replacement of stairs and installation of waterproofing membrane
  • Refurbishment of staircases
  • Installation of new signage throughout station
  • Paint work
  • Improvement to ambient lighting
  • Replacement of floor finishes and ceramic tiles on walls
  • Refurbishment of entryway's structural slab
  • Modification to concrete structure supporting roof to allow for installation of pivoting doors
  • Replacement of granite finish and installation of waterproofing membran

Type of work done:

  • Replacement of floor finishes and ceramic tiles on walls
  • Installation of ceiling-high glass panels at the mezzanine level.
  • Refurbishment of stairs leading to train platforms, in order to install new granite finishes and new handrails.
  • Drilling and installation of a water drainage system
  • Improvement to lighting
  • Installation of new signage throughout station
  • Paint work

Yes, the station will remain open at all time.

This work is made possible through funding from the MInistry of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Electrification.

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