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Who is the voice that you hear every day in the métro? The voice informing you of service slowdowns or disruptions? For 15 years. it has been the accomplished actress Michèle Deslauriers.

Now, Michèle also shares tips on how you can help reduce service disruptions.

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Did you know that close to 44% of service disruptions are caused by passengers? Here are the four main causes:

  • Sick passengers
  • Blocking or holding back doors
  • Dropping items on the tracks
  • Walking on the tracks

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Sick passengers

In 2017, sick passengers caused more than 155 incidents and more than 25 hours in service slowdowns.

If you do not feel well, stay on the platform and ask for help.

Blocking the doors

Hundreds of people try to enter métro cars by blocking the doors with a personal item, causing service slowdowns.

Do not block closing doors when you hear the signal. This causes major service slowdowns.

Holding back the doors

Every year, people holding back doors causes more than 330 incidents and 25 hours in service slowdowns.

Do not try to enter a métro car or hold back closing doors for you or your friends when you hear the signal. This causes major service shutdowns and is punishable by a fine.

Dropping items on the tracks

Every year, close to 550 objects are dropped on the tracks and cause more than 19 hours in service disruptions.

For your safety, stay behind the yellow line when you are on the platform and hold on to your personal items.

What should you do if you drop an item on the tracks?

Do not put yourself in danger! Going onto the tracks is forbidden. If you drop something on the tracks, notify an STM employee. He or she will follow the required procedure to get it back.

Walking on the tracks

Every year, more than 130 people put themselves in danger by walking on the tracks or in the tunnels.

Trains arrive at the stations at 72 km/h. Walking on the tracks is not only dangerous, it also disrupts the métro service and is punishable by a fine of $500.

What should you do if you see someone on the tracks?

Locate the emergency assistance station on the platform. Pull the handle to shut off the power to the tracks and pick up the phone.


With Michèle’s helpful tips, let’s all do our part to reduce service disruptions.

*Please note that all the videos are in French only.

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