Safety in and around buses

For many people, riding the bus is part of their normal routine.  However, there is no excuse for ignoring safety rules even when in a hurry. 

Put these simple actions into practice to make sure you stay safe while riding

Keep your distances

Be careful when you are near heavy vehicles. Stay a safe distance away to avoid finding yourself in the bus driver's blind spot. Back away from the edge of the sidewalk when a bus is approaching your stop.


Make eye contact

Bus drivers keeps an eye on the safety of passengers, and the safety of other road users as well. You can help by making eye contact with the driver. It's a good way to ensure they have seen you.


Cross the street at the right place and at the right time

Pedestrian crossing and intersections are the best locations to cross the street. Compliance with all road signs is also key to safely sharing the road.

  • At pedestrian crossings marked by yellow bands located in areas where there are no traffic lights or stop signs, you have priority over vehicles. However, it is recommended to make eye contact with motorists before crossing the intersection.
  • At pedestrian crossings marked by white bands located in areas where there are traffic lights or stop signs, priority is established according to traffic lights.  Pedestrians and motorists must therefore cooperate with each other.
  • At pedestrian traffic signals, a numbered countdown indicates the time left to cross the intersection.  Begin to cross the street only if you have enough time to reach the other side safely.
  • At regular traffic lights, you have right of way when the light turns green, and priority when you set foot off the curb.


Hold on

Be even safer by holding on to support poles or grab bars. This way, you provide better stability for yourself when the bus is moving.


     Pay attention to your belongings

  • Carry your purse or backpack close to and in front of you, ensuring that all pockets are securely closed.
  • Keep your phone, tablet, or laptop out of view whenever possible.
  • Keep your luggage close at hand. For your safety, it is important that you keep luggage clear of the aisle, the front and rear doors, as well as the emergency exit.
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