Elevator installation work is underway in this station and could create obstructions for passengers. Please read the page on this subject in the STM Works section.


Bus transfers

Local and 10-minutes max 18 Beaubien East West
Local and 10-minutes max 26 Mercier-Est West East
Local and 10-minutes max 28 Honoré-Beaugrand South North
Local and 10-minutes max 85 Hochelaga West East
Local and 10-minutes max 141 Jean-Talon Est West East
Local and 10-minutes max 185 Sherbrooke West East
Local and 10-minutes max 186 Sherbrooke-Est West East
Local and 10-minutes max 187 René-Lévesque West East
Local and 10-minutes max 189 Notre-Dame West East
All-night 362 Hochelaga / Notre-Dame West East
All-night 364 Sherbrooke / Joseph-Renaud West East
All-night 370 Rosemont West East
Express 486 Express Sherbrooke East West
Express 487 Express Bout-de-l'Île East West


  • Sortie A Honoré Beaugrand - 4755, rue Honoré-Beaugrand
  • Sortie B rue Sherbrooke (Nord) - 7955, rue Sherbrooke Est, H1L 1A6
  • Sortie C rue Sherbrooke (Sud) - 7950, rue Sherbrooke Est, H1L 1A8

Neighbourhood map (PDF)

Parking space for bicycles

Number of bicycle stands available outside the station: 84.  First come, first served.

Before taking our public transit system with your bike, please read the Bicycles section for more info.

A little info about your métro station's history

Architect: Yves Bernard (Bureau de transport métropolitain).

Opened: June 1976.

Origin of name: rue Honoré-Beaugrand, a road named after journalist and novelist Honoré Beaugrand (1848-1906), founder of the newspaper La Patrie in 1879 and mayor of Montréal in 1885 and 1886.

Did you know? An underground métro workshop and garage are located in the vicinity of this station.

Artwork: murals by Jean-Paul Mousseau.


Operating hours

Green line

Towards Angrignon
First Last
Weekdays 05:30 00:38
Saturday 05:30 01:08
Sunday 05:30 00:38

After the last métro, you can use the night bus service.

Frequency of departures

Green line

From 7am to 9am and from 4pm to 6pm
Morning, day and evening (non-peak)
Week Every 3 to 4 minutes Every 4 to 10 minutes
Week-end Every 6 to 12 minutes
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