The STM releases its new fare schedule for 2014

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Today, the board of directors of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) released the new fare schedule taking effect on January 1, 2014.

Montréal, December 18, 2013 – Today, the board of directors of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) released the new fare schedule taking effect on January 1, 2014. 

« This new fare schedule is part of a wider picture in which the STM is trying to balance its budget for 2014, while expecting a 16 million dollar deficit for 2013. The board of directors has indeed taken the time to study all possible financial options before making a decision in the best interest of customers, one that takes into account the stakeholders’ ability to pay. For 2013, we expect to reach a new historic level of 416.9 million passenger rides, a 1.1% increase over 2012, which confirms that Montrealers are increasingly using public transportation to travel throughout the island. Furthermore, enhancements to the customer experience still rank high among STM priorities. As we previously announced, for 2014, in association with Bell, Rogers, Telus and Videotron, we will gradually deploy a mobile network in Saint-Laurent and Place-des-Arts métro stations, as well as in a section of the Green line, between Atwater and Beaudry, and in a section of the Orange line, between Mont-Royal and Bonaventure. We will also complete the installation of passenger information display screens throughout the métro system. In addition, we will be moving forward with our Quebecor Média partner with the installation of some 300 bus shelters and, by year’s end, of the new real-time information system (iBus) aboard a number of buses. Let’s not forget that new reserved lanes will also be opened. Lastly, we will complete our passenger service testing phase with the new Azur métro cars, » declared board chairman, Philippe Schnobb.

The 3.2% average fare increase is also consistent with average increases throughout the greater metropolitan area. Incidentally, for a third consecutive year, the STM will not index the price of a one-trip ticket (regular fare $3, reduced fare $2), while the introductory price of a two-trip ticket, set in 2011, is again maintained for another year (regular fare $5.50, reduced fare $3.50). The regular monthly CAM pass will cost $79.50, while the cost of the reduced fare pass is raised to $47.25. Transit users entitled to reduced fares can also purchase a 4-month CAM pass for only $180, equal to the 2013 price of four monthly passes at the reduced fare. The complete 2014 fare schedule can be accessed online  

A range of fares to meet the needs of all customers
Concerned with positioning public transportation as central to travel in Montréal, the STM will continue to bank on a series of initiatives introduced over the last few years, including the Unlimited Evening fare, available since 2011, the Unlimited Weekend fare, since last January, and the Family Outings program, enhanced a number of times since its launch in 2008.  These fares are increasingly popular among occasional transit users and young families. Indeed, in 2013, some 175 000 customers took advantage of the Unlimited Weekend pass, while more than one million purchased an Unlimited Evening pass. Also, thanks to Family Outings, over 1.5 million children 11 years old or less will have travelled the STM bus and métro system for free this year. As such, the STM will expand the program’s availability to include legal holidays, the upcoming Holiday season, the winter school break and summer vacation, in addition to all weekends. With valuable discounts offered by the program’s partners, public transit has, more than ever, positioned itself as a practical and economical transportation alternative for outings with young children.

Moreover, OPUS à l’année, a subscription program offered since 2010 to customers who consistently purchase a monthly CAM pass at the regular fare, and OPUS & Cie, another program available since 2011 through registered employers, have become increasingly popular. So far, more than 32 000 customers have subscribed to either one of the programs and enjoy additional discounts made available through Mobilité Montréal, thanks to financial support by the Ministère des transports du Québec (MTQ). In real terms, it means that new customers get the 12th month for free with an annual subscription, while customers who keep their subscription for more than a year avoid any fare increases.  In addition to such financial benefits, since January 2013, customers who have subscribed for more than 12 months can obtain a Maestro status. Maestro customers enjoy two additional privileges: they can be accompanied by a friend who then travels with the STM for free evenings and weekends, and they can also travel for free at all times aboard RTC buses in Québec City. Some 3 700 customers obtained their Maestro status this year, with 10 000 more becoming eligible in 2014. Lastly, in 2013, the STM also created a loyalty program for students who were no longer entitled to reduced fares by granting a 20% discount on a annual subscription with OPUS à l’année, also made possible through the financial support of Mobilité Montréal. By subscribing, young transit users can enjoy fares that are halfway between the cost of regular and reduced monthly passes, a measure that softens the financial impact of no longer being eligible for STM reduced fares.

« As a way of offsetting the impact of road construction on the smooth flow of traffic, we want to encourage Montrealers to buy into incentives that promote the use of public transportation in the greater metropolitan area. In the last few years, we have introduced several special fares and programs in response to our customers’ different needs. For one, we want to retain and reward our regular customers. At the same time, we offer occasional users a wide range of fare options that compare advantageously with the cost of using a car. These customers can enjoy competitive rates at times when ridership is less heavy. Together, these initiatives will help us reach our ambitious goal of 540 million passenger rides in 2020, » concluded Mr. Schnobb.

MM. Schnobb and Rotrand will be available for interviews.

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