Discover Boutique STM!

You like the Montréal métro’s design, STM’s corporate brand or are a fan of public transit?
You would like to shop for made-in-Montréal items?


A long-awaited business initiative

The online boutique was initiated by Transgesco, the STM’s business subsidiary, in collaboration with its partner, Motivo, a firm that has been developing promotional items for several years now. Through a contract agreement, Motivo is now the exclusive holder of the STM brand license.

Not only are they the only « authentic STM » products on the market, items for sale by Boutique STM are for the most part made in Canada, including some made right here in Montréal.

Establishing this online sales platform is in response to repeated demand by transit users and design fans who wanted an easy way at their disposal to obtain official STM products.


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Products for all tastes

A dozen or so categories of products are available and inventory will expand in coming months. You’ll find a wide range of authentic merchandise, including cushions, mugs, wall stickers and miniature bus models. Several vintage items will be added to the product line, including station name signs and old system maps.

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