Inclusive since 1987

Ever since the draft of the first Equal Employment Opportunity Plan in 1987, actions in this field have multiplied. Today, the STM is an inclusive company, enriched by the talents of all employees, regardless of their horizon.

Diversity refers to the presence of a variety of human characteristics and attributes within a group or an organization. More concretely, we work for fair representation of the target groups stipulated in the law: women, visible and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and Aboriginal peoples. Finally, we also include generational representation.

Our vision of diversity

  • Diversity is a healthy, open and inclusive work environment.
  • Diversity is the pooling of all talents.
  • Diversity is the adaptation of a workstation to special needs.
  • Diversity is the fair representation of the population in the organization.

Profile of our diversity at December 31, 2016

Gender representation

Women : 24,4 %
Men : 75,6 %

Origin and culture representation

Caucasians : 72,5 %
Aboriginal peoples : 0,6 %
Visible minorities : 20,9 %
Ethnic minorities : 6 %

Generational representation

Veterans : 0,05 %
Baby boomers : 31,1 %
X : 51,8 %
Y : 16,8 %
C : 0,25 %

0.4% of employees self-identified as people with disabilities.

Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is a model of equal employment opportunity, and other transit corporations in Québec should be inspired by it to ensure better representation of women, Aboriginal peoples, and visible and ethnic minorities.”

Jacques Frémont, Chair of the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse du Québec (March 2016)

How our diversity works

A brief summary of our actions:


  1. Leadership
    Sharing of experience and learning with various external bodies – Challenges in employability with Indigenous persons; Best practices and issues in diversity, in collaboration with the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal; address by the ExecutiveDirector, Bus Services, to the members of the National Bank Women’s Leadership Network.
  2. Outreach in the media
    The STM is cited as an example in the Huffington Post article Il manque plus de 25 000 minorités visibles dans les organismes publics du Québec – January 21 (Over 25,000 visible minorities missing in Québec public bodies); continuous presence on Facebook and LinkedIn to address diversity and mark International Women’s Day and the International Day of Persons with Disabilities; reports in the Métro newspaper on the role of women in non-traditional trades at the STM
  3. Development of the internal diversity culture
    63 HR professionals attend training given by the Comité d’adaptation de la main-d’œuvre pour personnes handicapées (CAMO – PH) to increase its influential role; workshop on management in a context of diversity; awareness campaign on self-identification of a disability; reports in the internal newspaper on the experience of integration of an intern in a disability situation and an employee from a target group on an inspiring path.


  1. Sharing our positive experiences and learning in diversity and inclusion with other organizations - Interconnection Round Table during the Salon de l’immigration, Rendez-vous des Alliés and Les Affaires conference on mobilization in a context of diversity
  2. Organizing the 4th Forum diversité (Diversity Forum), which addressed intergenerational issues in the work environment. This forum brought together 150 people.
  3. Establishing partnerships with different government bodies and universities - Emploi Nexus Montréal, Université de Montréal Chair in Management of Cultural and Religious Diversity
  4. Organizing various events to publicize the STM’s employability practices for people with disabilities and other target groups - (Café rencontre –Carrefour jeunesse emploi centre-ville, Fondation ressources jeunesse, École Louis-Riel, Centre d’appui aux communautés immigrantes, Vie Autonome simulation d’entrevues, Centre des femmes, meeting with employment counsellors of various employability organizations for an immigrant clientele. In addition, organizing of a discussion group with employability organizations from the Montréal region concerning the issues of clients living with a disability.)
  5. Collaboration with the union partners and the STM’s association of managers and professionals on issues related to diversity - (Representatives of the four unions attended the Forum Diversité on intergenerational issues. In addition, conferences on diversity and prevention of harassment were organized jointly with Human Resources and CSN representatives)
  6. Deployment of the approach to support people with disabilities and keep them employed
  7. Deployment of internal and external communication actions to publicize the STM’s commitments to the organization’s diversity and success - (Two tools for managers, 10 communications addressed to employees and 25 communications addressed to external audiences)
  8. Development of training intended for human resources professionals in collaboration with CAMO-PH.


  1. Integration of diversity into a human resources diagnostic tool addressed to the management of the STM’s different sectors.
  2. Update of the “Jobs” page of the website, stating our commitments regarding diversity and inclusion.
  3. Holding of the workshop on discriminatory biases and the staffing process.
  4. Offer of work experiences via internships, summer jobs or summer internships to candidates with disabilities. All candidates who submitted a c.v. were interviewed.
  5. Integration of the concept of diversity into the leadership development program, Leaders à bord, intended for all managers.


  1. A forum entitled Un univers de possibilités (a world of posibility) on our innovative ways of integrating disabled people into workplace
  2. A seminar for human resources professionnals
  3. Distribution of capsules on awareness to managers and employee teams
  4. Setting up of a committeecomposed of representatives from human resources to ensure progress in equal access to employment
  5. Participation int the radio program Des gens comme les autres on Radio Ville-Marie
  6. Involvement with business partners such as Comité d'adaptation de main d'oeuvre pour personnes handicapées (committee for workplace adaptation for the disabled), Conférence régionales des élus de Montréal (regional conference of elected officials in Montréal), Mentorat QUébec, etc.
  7. Participation in the presentation of grants to entrepreneurs with a disability as part of the « Mon entreprise, Ma réussite  » (My company, My Success)
  8. Participation in job fairs (career, immigration, aboriginal community) and presentations at educational establishments

To learn more, go to:

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