Declaration for diversity and inclusion

What is diversity?

  • It's a healthy, open and inclusive work environment
  • It's a pooling of all skills
  • It's adapting a workstation to particular needs
  • It's the fare representation of the population within the company
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Promising first steps

In 1987, the STM created an Equal Employment Opportunity Program. SInce then, a major increase in representativeness has been observed.

Job category 1987 2013
Target Group - Women
Maintenance workers
Job category 1987 2013
Target Group - People from visible ethnic minorities
Maintenance workers
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One more step for diversity

In 2012, the STM adopted a Declaration of Diversity and Inclusion.

Bringing diversity to life

Actions in 2013

  1. A forum entitled Un univers de possibilités (a world of posibility) on our innovative ways of integrating disabled people into workplace
  2. A seminar for human resources professionnals
  3. Distribution of capsules on awareness to managers and employee teams
  4. Setting up of a committeecomposed of representatives from human resources to ensure progress in equal access to employment
  5. Participation int the radio program Des gens comme les autres on Radio Ville-Marie
  6. Involvement with business partners such as Comité d'adaptation de main d'oeuvre pour personnes handicapées (committee for workplace adaptation for the disabled), Conférence régionales des élus de Montréal (regional conference of elected officials in Montréal), Mentorat QUébec, etc.
  7. Participation in the presentation of grants to entrepreneurs with a disability as part of the « Mon entreprise, Ma réussite  » (My company, My Success)
  8. Participation in job fairs (career, immigration, aboriginal community) and presentations at educational establishments

Declaration for diversity and inclusion


In 1987, wishing to reflect the diverse customer base that it serves, the Société de transport de Montréal implemented an equal employment opportunity plan. Since then, it has launched numerous initiatives that have lead to its recognition as a leader in this field.

The STM has now taken another important step by signing this Declaration as a means of valuing diversity and inclusion.

Diversity refers to the presence of a variety of human characteristics and attributes within a group or organization. 1

Inclusion refers to a characteristic of the organizational culture that is put into practice through its commitment to diversity in all of its organizational processes. 1


The Société de transport de Montréal commits to promote diversity and inclusion in all of its activities within the legal framework to which it is subject.

By developing and maintaining a culture of valuing diversity and inclusion, the Société offers each person the possibility of contributing fully to the achievement of its business objectives.

Promoting diversity contributes to the creation of an open and respectful working environment.

To this end, the STM commits to:

  • Confirm its position as a leader and innovator in diversity and inclusion.
  • Create and maintain an inclusive working environment that values teamwork, respect, rigour, accountability, and transparency in a manner consistent with the laws in force.
  • Promote the fair representation of the diversity of the population at every level of the company.
  • Implement mechanisms permitting the efficient and effective management of its diversity.
  • Promote practices that are free from any type of profiling or other form of discrimination.
  1. Definitions inspired by the November 2006 report on diversity by the Conference Board of Canada.

Signed at Montréal on Thursday, November 15, 2012

Michel Labrecque
Chair of the board of the STM

Carl Desrosiers
CEO of the STM

Alain Brière
Executive-director – Human resources and shared services

Marvin Rotrand
Vice-chair of the board of the STM

Declaration for diversity and inclusion (PDF)
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