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STM's logos 


EPS - 348 ko                    EPS - 340 ko             EPS - 362 ko
JPG - 64 ko                      JPG - 44 ko                  JPG - 33 ko

Bus network

Bus articulé   Support à vélo   Voie réservée Pie IX   Bus 747

Bus générique   Bus circulation   Transport adapté  

Metro network

Quai station Henri-Bourassa   Station De la Concorde   Berri-UQAM   Tourniquets

Station Namur  Totem metro

Installations et equipements

Point d'assistance   Programme de gestion des matières résiduelles   

STM's cards

Carte OPUS        


   iBus   Metro   

Sorties en famille   STM Merci

These are the STM’s most frequently used images and logos. You may download them free of charge and use them to illustrate STM-related articles or documents, or insert them in ads promoting public transportation (to indicate, for example, that your business is located next to a métro station). However, we ask that you respect the Logo Application Standards.

Trademarks and copyrights

Some names, words, titles, expressions, logos, pictograms or graphic designs appearing in the website’s pages may be STM trademarks. Any fraudulent use or alteration could breach federal trademark and copyright laws. Should you require a different logo file, please contact our graphic designers.

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