In order to limit access points to the nearby shopping centre, the building entrance located at 2322, Sainte-Catherine West St., is temporarily closed.

Refer to the neighbourhood map for more accesses.

Operating hours

Green line

Towards Angrignon Towards Honoré-Beaugrand
First Last First Last
Weekdays 05h53 01h04 05h42 00h47
Saturday 05h53 01h34 05h42 01h17
Sunday 05h53 01:04 05h42 00:47

After the last métro, you can use the night bus service.

Frequency of departures

Green line

From 7am to 9am and from 4pm to 6pm
Morning, day and evening (non-peak)
Week Every 3 to 5 minutes Every 4 to 10 minutes
Week-end Every 6 to 12 minutes

Estimated occupancy


  • Accès A Boul. De Maisonneuve - 3015, boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest, H3Z 1J8
  • Accès B rue Sainte Catherine - 2322, rue Ste-Catherine Ouest

Neighbourhood map (PDF)

Around this station

How do I get to the special shuttle in case of a métro service interruption?

Two stops are available at this station and the signs are easily identifiable since they are at the color of the métro line they serve.

  • Pictogram special shuttle green line Eastbound towards Honoré-Beaugrand: Bus stop 52069, located southeast side of Sainte-Catherine, at the corner of Atwater.
  • Pictogram special shuttle green line Westbound towards Angrignon: Bus stop 60238, located on northeast side of Tupper, at the corner of Atwater.

This shuttle is not free, the regular fare applies. 

Find out more about the station

Architects: David, Barott & Boulva.

Opened: October 1966.

Origin of name: avenue Atwater, honouring the memory of Edwin Atwater (1808-1874), city councillor and later alderman for the district of Saint-Antoine and chairman of the Aqueduct Commission (1851-1857).

Did you know? This station served as a terminus for the Green line from October 1966 to September 1978.

Discover the STM and its history

Mobile network is available at this station.


Bus transfers

Local and 10-minutes max 15 Sainte-Catherine East West
Local and 10-minutes max 24 Sherbrooke West East
Local and 10-minutes max 63 Girouard South North
Local and 10-minutes max 90 Saint-Jacques East West
Local and 10-minutes max 104 Cavendish West East
Local and 10-minutes max 108 Bannantyne East
Local and 10-minutes max 138 Notre-Dame-de-Grâce West East
Local and 10-minutes max 144 Avenue des Pins East West
Local and 10-minutes max 150 René-Lévesque West East
All-night 350 Verdun / LaSalle East
All-night 354 Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue / Centre-ville East
All-night 355 Pie-IX North South
All-night 356 Lachine / YUL Aéroport / Des Sources West East
All-night 358 Sainte-Catherine East West
All-night 360 Avenue des Pins East West
All-night 364 Sherbrooke / Joseph-Renaud East West
All-night 369 Côte-des-Neiges North South
All-night 371 Décarie North South
All-night 376 Pierrefonds / Centre-ville East
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