iBUS is on its way!  Our buses will soon be equipped with an intelligent system that will simplify your life. This system will monitor the movements of all buses in real time so you know exactly what time your bus will arrive and if any service disruptions will affect you. Service status data will also be available on various information tools.

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Buses will be gradually outfitted with the system in 2015.

The solution chosen - a powerful, scalable, high-tech system - has been tested in other major cities, including York, Vancouver, Dubaï, Oslo, Stockholm, Seattle, New York, and Munich.

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Signed in fall 2012 with the German firm INIT Innovations in Transportation (Eastern Canada) Inc., the contract provides for the purchase and implementation of a passenger information and operational support system, including a radio communication system.


Among the tools that will keep our customers better informed are the following:

  • Information terminals at some bus stops and outside some metro stations
  • Display devices and public address systems on board buses
  • An app for the visually impaired
  • Real-time information on all existing tools (smart phone apps, SMS, Web and mobile Web, interactive voice response (IVR))


iBUS will allow us to:

  • Improve service
  • Improve punctuality through real-time management of the bus fleet
  • Increase service speed in express and reserved lanes with transit signal priority
  • Ensure better coordination with the metro and commuter train systems
  • Improve customer and driver safety
  • Reduce crowding on board buses
  • Keep you better informed, continuously and in real time, about the exact arrival times of buses and service disruptions at stops, on bus lines, or in the transit system
  • Broadcast messages allowing you to optimize your bus travels
  • Announce stops visually and orally on buses
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Another step toward improved universal accessibility

Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

See Watch the iBus video on YouTube

Visit us often to follow the progress of this project en route to real time

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