iBUS: benefits for all

iBUS will keep you updated with the latest information at all time. Adjustments to our bus schedules in real time will help you make the best decisions while you are on the bus. Several information tools will also be at your disposal, from bus timetables on our mobile site, to our apps for smart phones, along with passenger information terminals.

You will be informed of any service disruptions and other events likely to impact you on your way. Riding the bus will become a much better experience.

Improved punctuality and regularity of bus service

More precise customer information before trip and while on the move

Better communication about transit system accessibility

Greater distribution of bus capacity

Greater safety aboard buses thanks to geolocation

Unified view of transit system

Integration of bus priority system at traffic lights

Another step toward improved universal access

Bus stops announcement

New: we're now on display

Display screen testing on a busiBUS displays will gradually be deployed throughout the city, one area at a time.

Since May 2016, you see and hear the names of upcoming bus stops being announced inside buses serving the Mont-Royal area.

In July, August and September, the displays in the bus serving Frontenac,Legendre and Stinson areas will be activated gradually.

Currently underway

Mont-Royal Area

  • 11 Parc-du-Mont-Royal/ Ridgewood
  • 14 Amherst
  • 27 Boulevard Saint-Joseph
  • 32 Lacordaire
  • 47 Masson
  • 51 Édouard-Montpetit
  • 97 Avenue-du-Mont-Royal
  • 144 Avenue des Pins
  • 357 Saint-Michel (all-night service)
  • 359 Papineau (all-night service)
  • 368 Avenue-du-Mont-Royal (all-night service)
  • 410 Express Notre-Dame
  • 427 Express Saint-Joseph
  • 430 Express Pointe-aux-Trembles



Frontenac Area

  • 10 De Lorimier
  • 12 Île-des-Soeurs
  • 15 Sainte-Catherine
  • 22 Notre-Dame
  • 24 Sherbrooke
  • 25 Angus
  • 29 Rachel
  • 34 Sainte-Catherine
  • 61 Wellington
  • 74 Bridge
  • 75 De la Commune
  • 85 Hochelaga
  • 94 d'Iberville
  • 125 Ontario
  • 131 De l'Assomption
  • 150 René-Lévesque
  • 168 Cité-du-Havre
  • 178 Pointe Nord/Île-des-Soeurs
  • 185 Sherbrooke
  • 353 Lacordaire/Maurice-Duplessis (all-night service)
  • 358 Sainte-Catherine (all-night service)
  • 432 Express Lacordaire
  • 715 Vieux-Montréal/Vieux-Port
  • 767 La Ronde/La Plage
  • 769 La Ronde
  • 777 Le Casino

Legendre area

  • 45 Papineau
  • 67 Saint-Michel
  • 69 Gouin
  • 121 Côte-Vertu
  • 139 Pie lX
  • 193 Jarry
  • 197 Rosemont
  • 439 Express Pie-lX
  • 467 Express saint-Michel

Stinson Area

  • 80 Avenue Du Parc
  • 165 Côte-des-Neiges
  • 435 Express Du Parc/Côte-des-Neiges
  • 470 Express Pierrefonds

Have you noticed?

A given vehicle can be operated on several bus lines in a single day. As such, you could experience iBUS in action on one bus line in the morning, and travel aboard another bus on the same line in the evening on which the system is not yet operational.

iBUS: gradual deployment in 2016

  • Visual display screens and audio message devices aboard each bus
  • 26 passenger information terminals at the busiest bus stops and in 64 métro station entryways. These terminals will be activated, one by one, and give you the arrival time of the next bus.
  • Real-time information including schedules on all existing platforms (smart phone apps, SMS, Web and mobile Web, interactive voice response (IVR))
  • The installation of equipment
  • The installation of a new generation of digital radio-communication
  • The outfitting of a new operational centre for the entire bus network

Testing was underway on the 32 Lacordaire and 144 Avenue des Pins bus lines in December, during which upcoming stops were announced inside the bus. These tests served to verify the sound quality, accuracy of information and performance of the data transmission system. Transit users took part in these test by texting us their comments. Here are a few:

« The display screen is brillant: I never worry about missing my stop »

« A great idea to announce bus stops this way. It allows us to know where we are and it's all looks quite futuristic »

« I really appreciated the bus stop identification, both visual and audio, especially because it's a new bus route for me »

Display screen testing on a bus

Listen to the announcement inside a bus stop

In June 2015, this passenger information terminal was installed at the corner of Henri-Bourassa and Lacordaire boulevards to conduct technical testing.

Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

See Demonstration of a passenger information terminal on YouTube

The solution chosen by the STM - a powerful, scalable, high-tech system - has been tested in other major cities, including York, Vancouver, Dubaï, Oslo, Stockholm, Seattle, New York, and Munich. Signed in fall 2012 with the German firm INIT Innovations in Transportation (Eastern Canada) Inc., the contract covers the purchase and implementation of a passenger information and operational support system, including new radio infrastructure and radio equipment for the entire fleet of vehicles.

Come back often to keep track of progress with iBUS!

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