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The STM wishes to provide an update on the negotiations currently under way with four of the six unions representing different groups of its employees.

Montréal, May 14, 2018 – The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) wishes to provide an update on the negotiations currently under way with four of the six unions representing different groups of its employees. The update is necessary in the light of recent developments.

Impact of the maintenance overtime strike

Although normal operations resumed over the weekend, the overtime strike held by the Syndicat du transport de Montréal (maintenance employees union) from May 7 to 12 will have unavoidable consequences for transit users.

The pressure tactic deprived users of 57 buses that would normally have been on the road during the period in question. All told, due to the maintenance overtime strike, 513 hours of rush hour service had to be cancelled during the week on different lines and in different sectors.

As expected, the impact will also be felt over the coming weeks and even months. The STM has to take care of the bus maintenance backlog. In addition, given the reduced bus fleet available for daily operations during the strike, the available buses had to be overused and, as a result, these vehicles will reach the compulsory SAAQ inspection deadline sooner than planned. The inspection means that the buses will have to be withdrawn temporarily from service.

The immediate impact will be felt until between now and June, which coincides with the beginning of the STM employees’ vacation period. Consequences may also be expected into September, given the reduced volume of work done over the summer.

The overtime strike had no impact on the métro system or paratransit service.

Mediation requested for maintenance

The STM has notified the Minister responsible for Labour that it has asked the Syndicat du transport de Montréal (maintenance employees union) to agree to mediation. This decision was made in the wake of the lack of progress in discussions over the past few weeks, combined with the negative impact for transit users of the maintenance employees’ overtime strike. Since the expiry of the collective agreement with this union, 44 negotiation meetings have been held.

In the current context, and given the absence of the president of the maintenance employees union at the bargaining table, the STM would like an external mediator to become involved in the process in order to move the discussions along and help the parties agree as soon as possible on a collective agreement, for the benefit of transit users.

For the STM, the main issue remains greater work organization flexibility. The STM places priority on a better allocation of work schedules based on locations and equipment dedicated to maintenance work.

Ongoing dialogue with drivers

Although the Syndicat des chauffeurs d’autobus, opérateurs de métro et employés des services connexes au transport de la STM (bus drivers, métro operators and support service employees union) has obtained a strike mandate, weekly negotiation meetings continue between the employer and union.

With summer just around the corner, the STM is prepared to step up negotiations and invites the union representatives at the bargaining table to do the same, with a view to finding common ground for an agreement without delay.

In the event of a strike, the union has to notify the STM seven days in advance, and the law regarding the maintaining of essential services applies.

Official signing of an agreement with administrative, technical and professional personnel

The new collective agreement reached on March 1 with the Syndicat du personnel administratif, technique et professionnel du transport en commun (administrative, technical and professional employees union) will be officially signed today. The seven-year agreement was approved by 88% of the members present at a union meeting.


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