Place-des-Arts métro station takes the dance floor Free dance lessons presented as part of STM’s Métro Arts events

Press release

Montréal, January 9, 2013   – With its strong commitment to promote arts and culture to the general public, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) will offer free dance lessons in Place-des-Arts station as of January 13. Known as Les beaux dimanches dans le métro, these one-hour workshops will take place on the first and last Sunday of every month, from January to April at 2 p.m. Presented as part of STM’s Métro Arts events, these classes welcome persons of every age, from beginners to experts.

The first presentation in Les beaux dimanches series will feature the swing, where brass sound vibrations and lively rhythms will be showcased. Under the guidance of a teacher from the Cat’s Corner dance school, renowned for its expertise in Swing dance in Montréal, participants will have the chance to learn the basic steps to this dance made popular in the 1930’s.

Dance workshop schedule
Dance style
January 13, 2013
Cat’s Corner
January 27, 2013
Académie Ballet Flamenco Lina Moros
February 3, 2013
École San Tropez
February 24, 2013
Haitian dance
Mapou Ginen
March 24, 2013
Oriental dance
Studio Sharqui
April 7, 2013
Air Tango

It should be mentioned that other workshops will be added throughout the season. For complete information regarding programming, the STM invites you to visit:

The STM Métro Arts program
For a number of years now, the cultural community and the STM have joined together to improve the public transit experience and establish a closer connection with the public. Whether through cultural events, artists or creative venues, the objective remains the same: open the métro network to new creators and high-quality performances and make them accessible to the greatest number of people while encouraging them to use public transit.

Making the public transit experience more enjoyable for customers and transforming the métro into a unique and original showcase for cultural events are part of the STM’s commitment through the Métro Arts program.

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