The STM introduces its on-line recruitment service

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The STM introduces its on-line recruitment service

Montreal, 10 March 2005- Earlier today, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Claude Dauphin, officially launched the STM’s new on-line recruitment service from the Local Employment Centre (CLE) in Ville Saint-Laurent. As a result, anyone wishing to apply for a job with the STM can do so directly through the Web by consulting the « Jobs » section at According to Mr. Dauphin, « this new way of doing business will simplify the process, while making it easier for people interested in working for the transit company, because they can now access available job postings at any time, obtain all the information they need to submit their application, immediately receive an acknowledgement, and update their file if, for example, they have a new address. »

To register, candidates must have an e-mail address, which they get for free when subscribing to an electronic mail service, and expect to spend 15 to 30 minutes filling out the application form. Even if they do not own a computer, candidates can use one at the employment centre, in a public library or Internet caf�, and consult the list of available jobs or send in their application.

Wanted: Bus driver candidates !

Mr. Dauphin also took this opportunity to announce that the STM would open up its database to accept new applicants for bus driver jobs. « Year after year, the STM hires about 200 new bus drivers. Now is the time to apply and to do so through the new on-line recruitment service. »

The STM currently has over 7 300 employees, and some 41% will be eligible for retirement between now and 2010. The company receives over 16 000 resum�s each year. In 2004, it held 1 457 competitions (internal and external) and hired 556 new employees.

Reaching our goals for equal opportunity employment !

It is worth remembering that, back in June 1987, the STM was the very first company in Québec to adopt an equal opportunity plan for the purpose of making its workforce more representative of the population it served and ensuring its work environment was free of any discrimination. The plan is favourable to hiring women (40%) and minorities (25%) in three key areas: bus drivers, enforcement officers and janitorial staff. Mr. Dauphin added that « In that respect, we feel we have met our goals because, in 2004, women and minorities represented 32.3% and 24.6% of all new employees hired for these jobs. »

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