STM Transit Information Tailoring STM bus service in Rivière-des-Prairies Suited to the needs of residents  

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STM Transit Information
Tailoring STM bus service in Rivière-des-Prairies
Suited to the needs of residents  

Montreal, 19 August 2005 - Beginning Monday, August 29, the Société de transport de Montréal will fine-tune its bus service in Rivière-des-Prairies. With these adjustments, area residents will enjoy access to a bus network even more suited to their transportation needs.

Travelling in a straighter line to Henri-Bourassa métro station
The new 89 Gouin/Perras bus route will provide residents of high-rise buildings on Gouin Boulevard with a direct link to the métro. Buses on the 89 line will essentially travel along the same route as the 48 Perras, except that they will take Gouin Boulevard between Ozias-Leduc and Langelier Boulevard. Also, the 89 bus makes a limited number of stops between Langelier and the métro station.

Making it more convenient for both students and workers
Two segments of the 40 Henri-Bourassa bus route will also be redesigned. The first will see buses taking Langelier Boulevard, Marie-Victorin Street and Albert-Hudon Boulevard in both directions, thus improving public transportation services for students attending CEGEP Marie-Victorin. Then, further east, buses will travel along Saint-Jean-Baptiste Boulevard and the Metropolitan highway service road, thus providing service in a heavily industrialized sector.

And adding a few minor changes for better service in the local area
To improve local service for residents and reduce the number of off-duty buses travelling through the area, the 49 Maurice-Duplessis bus route will now run in the opposite direction. As such, buses on the 49 route will take Saint-Jean-Baptiste Boulevard heading north and then 87th Avenue when heading south.
The 194 métrobus Rivière-des-Prairies route is also slightly changed, with buses running on 87th Avenue instead of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Boulevard.

A redesigned network
Fine-tuning bus service in Rivière-des-Prairies is the final step in the review process for public transit services in the sector that began in August 2004 with the first modifications, followed by more in January 2005. These adjustments were all made possible thanks to the comments and feedback of neighbourhood residents and transit users who can rightfully say that transit services in the area are tailored to their needs !

Communications campaign
A communications campaign was also launched to inform all area residents of the changes made to local bus routes. Indeed, the campaign will make use of direct mail, the distribution of notices at strategic locations and major bus stops, posters inside métro stations and bus shelters, advertising in local newspapers, as well as a article featured in the Info STM page of the métro daily paper.

For more information, transit users should call STM-INFO (786-4636). They can also call A-U-T-O-B-U-S (288-6287) for timetables at their bus stop. More information can also be obtained from the STM website at

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