(14:30) Bus service : Disruptions likely to continue during afternoon rush hour


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2:30 PM Update : even if our teams are hard at work to ensure service withstanding difficult and ever evolving road and weather conditions, disruptions to bus service are likely to continue during afternoon/evening rush hour. Even if the métro will likely be much busier, it will still the best option to get back home. 

Despite difficult road conditions currently affecting all roads in Montréal, STM bus service and paratransit service is maintained, but at a much slower pace. STM recommends that transit users allow more time to get around or even postpone their trips, if at all possible

Some buses might also temporarily be unable to move from their location. To that particular point, the STM reminds the public that: 

  • The safety of customers is a priority: the decision to continue along their route or temporarily suspend service rests entirely with the bus driver. They are responsible for determining whether road conditions jeopardize the safety of transit users and/or their own    
  • If drivers feel that conditions are too severe, they must pull over to the side of the road, turn Bus drivers will continue along their route once the situation has improved (road salt application, snow removal) 
  • Despite these conditions, our buses are staying on the road to ensure service to our clients

Status of Transport adapté service

STM also reminds the public that paratransit services are maintained for all previously-reserved transportation and that no rides have been cancelled. However, customers should expect travel to be delayed, in the same way as as the road? / bus? network. Also, wait times for all call centres are longer than usual this morning, but all staffing resources are on hand to meet the higher demand caused by the bad road conditions.