Navette OR by taxi - Pointe-Claire

How does the service work?

Shared Taxi service for seniors
The Navette Or by taxi transportation service features a 37-stop route within the municipality. This service is offered from one taxi stop to the next, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except on legal holidays. You must reserve your ride at least 40 minutes ahead of time that day by calling 514 280-9055.

A single call enables you to reserve your two-way trip.

How to use the service?

You must register three days prior to your first reservation by calling from Monday to Friday

  • 514 630-1200 (Multiservice desk of Pointe-Claire City Hall)
    or 514 280-9055 (STM reservation service from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • Have an ID card 65+ on hand as proof of age.

We recommend that you be at the taxi stop at least three minutes ahead of the requested time.

How much does it cost?

Fares for Transport adapté and other taxi services apply.

When boarding, you are required to present a valid STM transit pass.

  65+ OPUS photo ID card charged with a monthly or weekly pass

  Disposable magnetic card loaded with one or two trips

Cash: $2.90 regular fare, $1.75 reduced fare

Taxis stops

  • Greystone / Hermitage (PCR-100)
  • Lanthier / S. Joachim (PCR-101)
  • Delmar / Hearne (PCR-102)
  • Manoir Kirkland (PCR-103)
  • Le Vivalis (PCR-104)
  • Le Cambridge (PCR-105)
  • Résidence Edwin-Crawford (PCR-106)
  • Résidence Maywood (PCR-107)
  • Le Wellesley (PCR-108)
  • Villa S. Louis (PCR-109)
  • L'Estérel - Phase I, II et III (PCR-110)
  • Maison d'Octobre pour nos ainés (PCR-111)
  • Lakeshore / No 24 (PCR-113)
  • Centre Noel Legault (PCR-114)
  • Stewart Hall (PCR-115)
  • Plaza Pointe-Claire (PCR-116)
  • Bibliothèque Pointe-Claire (PCR-117)
  • Centre des aînés (PCR-118)
  • Service des loisirs Pointe-Claire (PCR-119)
  • Centre Fairview (PCR-120)
  • YMCA (PCR-121)
  • Complexe Pointe-Claire (PCR-122)
  • Centre Terrarium (face au restaurant Cora) (PCR-123)
  • Hôpital Général du Lakeshore (PCR-124)
  • Colonnades Pointe-Claire (PCR-125)
  • CLSC Lac-Saint-Louis (PCR-126)
  • Centre aquatique de Pointe-Claire (PCR-127)
  • Résidence Symphonie West Island (PCR-128)
  • Pharmaprix (PCR-129)
  • Centre médical Brunswick (PCR-130)
  • Stillview / No 175 (PCR-131)
  • Résidence La Voile (PCR-132)
  • 1 ave. Holiday (PCR-133)
  • Bibliothèque Valois (PCR-134)
  • Chalet Cedar Park (PCR 135)
  • Centre de ressources comunautaires (PCR-136)
  • Cedar Park United Church (PCR-137)


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