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My voice my STM is a panel of over 20,000 customers who answer surveys on topics such as our major projects, trial initiatives and service quality. By sharing their opinion, our panelists make a real difference in Montréal public transit. Join them today!

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Sign up now and create a profile to be entered automatically in a draw to win one of two quarterly $300 prizes.

Each survey you complete will then earn you a chance to win one of two $200 monthly prizes.

There are two contests to reward those who take part in My voice my STM. The first is held every three (3) months and is for new panel members and consists of a draw, among them, for two prizes worth $300 (see the contest rules here).

The second one takes place each month and aims to reward those who answered surveys and consists of a draw for two prizes, each worth $200. Each completed survey earns you an additional entry in the draw (see the contest rules here).

Sign-up contest (300$)

January 2021

Carole Naka, Montréal

Mariko Imanaka, Montréal

Survey contest (200$)

February 2021

Isabelle Scaffidi, Montréal

Christine Tremblay, Montréal

January 2021

Stéphane Vincent, Montréal

Julie Blais, Montréal

Sign-up contest (300$)

October 2020

Camila Coimbra, Montréal

Diane Keating, Montréal

Survey contest (200$)

December 2020

Nicole Laroque, Montréal

Pierre Paquette, Montréal

November 2020

Julia Sidorenko, Montréal

Jean Archambault, Montréal

October 2020

Alejandro Macias Flores, Montréal

Juliette Bélanger, Montréal

September 2020

Benoit Dumont, Montréal

Pascal Cartier, Montréal

Août 2020

Bernard Fontaine, Montréal

Luc Archambault, Montréal


My voice my STM is a research and survey panel made up of STM regular transit network customers who volunteered to share their opinions on a number of subjects pertaining to public transportation in the Montréal area.

STM customers of the bus and métro network who register as members of the panel are given the opportunity to share their experiences and opinions about different aspects of public transportation and thereby help to improve STM services and shape the future of public transit. By becoming a member of the My voice my STM panel and answering surveys, customers can also win prizes.

Simply click on « Sign up », then fill out the online registration form, where you will be asked to provide information about your STM customer profile. After, you will receive an email to validate your registration.

The My voice my STM panel is open to all customers who ride STM public transit and who agree to answer surveys. Such customers must have an email address.

You will be invited to answer surveys once or twice a month, depending on your customer profile and STM needs.

Survey subjects are always about public transportation and the STM. For example, your level of satisfaction with bus and métro service, your opinion about the latest promotional campaign, your universal accessibility needs or your reaction to a new service the STM is planning on providing to STM bus and métro services.

You can take part in My voice my STM as long as you like and you can also quit at any time by simply clicking on the “Cancel your subscription” link found at the bottom of any of our email communications.

Any information you give to the STM will be kept strictly confidential. To find out more, consult our Terms of Use.

Each survey is different but, on average, it should take you about 5 minutes.

The surveys will usually be available for five open days, depending on the situation.

Depending on your email provider and your personal email settings, some emails sent from an automated system may be diverted directly into your Junk Mail folder. Please check your Junk Mail folder for our email. To avoid this situation, you can add our email address to your safe sender list, safe recipient list, white list (different names are used in different email programs) or to your address book.

If you have checked your Junk Mail folder and have not been able to find a copy of your Confirmation email, please contact us at this address:

You can click on the “Cancel your subscription” link found at the bottom of any of our email communications, and follow the instructions on screen to complete the process. Once you have completed this action, you will be immediately removed from the panel.

You can contact the My voice my STM team by writing to:

Please specify your question or comment in detail, so we can understand the issue and find a solution. For example, please include:

  • A copy of any error messages
  • A copy of the question you have trouble with
  • A description of the problem you have with the question
  • The browser you are using (ex. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.)
  • If your answer to a question is not accepted, please include the exact answer you are trying to enter
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