Dealing with snowstorms

Winter. We have to adapt to winter. And if there is one area where bad weather has an impact, it is truly on transportation! So, allow us to remind you of a few tips that will be helpful to you in dealing with our rigorous winter climate.

Let’s make life easy for ourselves

When bad weather blows into town, we all have to expect some delays and longer than usual travel times once the snowstorm hits and in the days after. However, you can still make things easier.
If you feel that conditions outside are less than ideal for travelling, think about cancelling your ride as early as possible. If you must go out, make sure your entrance is cleared of all snow so that our Transport adapté driver can reach your front door.

Also, check ahead that entryways are clear of snow at your  destination. It’s your safety that matters. Lastly, in an effort to accommodate the most customers, the reservations agent may ask you to postpone your trip to when demand lessens a bit.

Regular accessible bus service maintained during bad weather

Regardless of weather conditions, regular accessible bus service is always available. However, when a snowstorm hits hard, it may prove difficult, if not impossible, to safely unfold the ramp. The
secret to avoiding that? Getting information before you head out. Go to our website when conditions take a turn for the worst. You’ll see messages for wheelchair users on a blue background. Accordingly, they will tell you about:

  • Any difficulties ensuring accessible service at specific bus stops
  • Our inability to deploy the ramp at specific accessible bus stops
  • Possibly postponing your trip, in the event of major storms

These messages are displayed as soon as snow accumulations are in the forecast and they remain posted until snow removal operations are completed. This way, you have all the information you need to make the right decision for yourself.

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