Let’s be prepared and prevent delays together for winter!

Winter weather can often slow us down in our efforts to get you places on time. Here are a few reminders to help us avoid further delays.

Keep entryways clear

During the winter, pick-up and drop-off points must be sufficiently cleared of snow.

If you realize that the way cannot be cleared in time for your vehicle’s arrival, please cancel your trip as early as possible to prevent our driver from going there unnecessarily.

SIRTA is open, rain or shine

Your SIRTA online reservation system is at your service, whatever the weather.

Even in a storm, you can check the app any time. Wondering if your vehicle is about to arrive? Check SIRTA to find out.

Planning for storm days

If you decide that you would rather cancel a trip, we would really appreciate knowing as soon as  possible.

Snowy roads? Plan ahead!

During the winter, it’s a good idea to plan for a bit of extra time. Snowy or icy roads can affect our vehicles’ speed.

Vehicle arrival notifications help you be prepared

It’s so convenient!

When you know your vehicle is about to arrive, you can put on all your warm outerwear just in time for the arrival of your vehicule.

You can choose whether to be notified by text, email or phone.

Reminder and snow forecast messages

When there are many snow warnings in the weather forecast, we let you know in the reminder message sent the day before your trip.

This message is simply a recommendation letting you know that road conditions may become difficult the next day.

We leave it up to you to decide whether you still want to make your trip in these conditions or not.

If you do decide to cancel your trip, please let us know as early as possible. If you decide to keep your booking, we will be there to pick you up the next day, as planned.

Holiday schedule 2021-2022

Service hours will be extended on December 24th, 25th and 31st, and January 1st. Indeed, it will be possible to travel until 3 a.m. (scheduled time of arrival at destination). You must request your ride at least the day before your scheduled trip.

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