OPUS & Cie - Employers

How it works

Companies joining the program agree to contribute financially to the purchase of OPUS & Cie subscriptions by their employees. In turn, the STM agrees to match that discount, up to a maximum of 10%.

Who's participating?

Near 300 businesses have chosen to join the program since it was first launched.

Admissibility criteria

  • A minimum of 10 participating employees per company
  • A minimum employer contribution of 4.16% per subscription (up to a maximum of 90%)

Advantages for employers

  •   Your financial contribution is tax deductible.
  •   You stand above the rest, by offering your employees an additional benefit.
  •   You position your company as being focused on sustainability.

How to obtain more information and register in the OPUS & Cie program?

Find out which Transportation Management Centre (CGD) is responsible for your area, using the  list.

Send an email to opuscorpo@voyagezfute.ca with the following information:

  • the name of your company
  • the name of a person to contact, their office telephone number and  office email address
  • the mailing address of the company
  • the total number of company employees

Promotional flier

Would you like to speak to your employee about OPUS & Cie ? Send him our promotional flyer.

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