Sooo Montréal

We’ve been missing out on a lot lately, including many places around the city that we haven’t been to in a long time. We’ve also stopped treating ourselves to life’s little pleasures, but they’re still around!

It’s time to start enjoying our city again.

They’re worth the trip!

Here are our top outing ideas that are Sooo Montréal!

Outing ideas Sooo Montréal!

Spots that are Sooo Montréal

Paris has the Champs-Élysées, New York City has Times Square, Saint-Sauveur has its main street, and we have spots that are Sooo Montréal.

Which one is your favourite?

 They’re all worth the trip!

Explore Montréal on public transit

The métro and buses can take you to tons of places that are worth discovering.

Sooo Montréal activities!

Défi STM

Get moving in our city with this virtual challenge!



Offers soooo entertaining


It's worth the trip...

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