Universal accessibility at Villa-Maria station

Project summary

Major work will take place at Villa-Maria station to make it universally accessible with the addition of three elevators.

Duration of the work: September 2019 to summer 2022.

Description of the work: Installation of elevators

Métro impacts: No

Bus impacts: Yes

Texte important

Updates - December 2021

Work underway at Villa-Maria station to make it universally accessible is forging ahead. Two of the three elevators planned for this project have reached the mechanical installation phase.

As you may have noticed when passing by Villa-Maria station, the last elevator shaft is still underdoing major construction at the front of the station, on the Décarie side. To limit the impact on bus service, excavating and installing the elevator shafts were carried out in two phases. The work that required the closure of the bus loop for the construction of two elevators was undertaken first to reopen the bus loop to traffic as quickly as possible.

The second phase of the project - which consists in building the third elevator at the front of the station, connecting the street level to the mezzanine level - is underway. The concrete work for the shaft is in progress, and it will be followed by structural work to connect the shaft to the station’s entrance building. The elevator’s mechanical installation will be carried out afterwards.

Once that phase of the project has been completed, we will carry out finishing work before conducting tests in the spring, in preparation for the commissioning of the elevators in the summer of 2022.

Top photo :  Following the bedrock excavation and concrete work for the elevator shaft - which will connect the mezzanine to the Montmorency platform - the assembly and mechanical installation are now in progress.

Lower left photo : An opening in the northern wall of the station was made to allow the integration of the elevator that will connect the mezzanine to the Côte-Vertu platform.

Lower right photo : The elevator shaft access between the mezzanine and the Montmorency platform has been installed, and the electrical work for the control and motorization of the elevator is currently underway.

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Impact on customer trips

New worksite configuration

In July 2021, the worksite configuration will change and allow the bus loop to reopen. The sidewalk in front of the station on Décarie Boulevard will remain blocked. Pedestrians who want to walk on the north-south axis will have to go around the entrance building alongside the bus loop to continue their route. Be careful and follow traffic lights at pedestrian crossings.

Buses will return to the loop on July 16, 2021:

The 24 Sherbrooke, 103 Monkland and 162 Westminster bus stops will return to their usual locations, in the bus loop around the station.

Impact on local residents

  • Major excavation work is now completed in the bus loop.  Some minor work remains but will not be as noisy.
  • Excavation work required for the project will cause vibrations that could be felt by residents living near the worksite.
  • Seismographs have been installed to monitor vibrations in real time and sound level readings will be made regularly.
  • Construction work likely to generate noise is normally scheduled between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. In accordance with municipal by-laws.
  • We have hired an independent consulting firm to survey (mainly photograph) all buildings around the worksite. These inspections will serve to document the condition of the buildings before and after construction.
  • In the unlikely event that any damage is reported, an expert opinion could help determine whether the damage is the result of the vibrations produced by the worksite. Property owners affected by this will be notified accordingly.

Learn more about the project

Providing a universally accessible public transit network is a strategic priority for the STM. Adding elevators to an existing building, however, requires extensive planning and represents a major challenge. Several steps are necessary to integrate elevators into an existing station within the métro network.

Given the architecture of Villa-Maria station, we will have to expand both sides of the platforms, as well as the entrance building on the west side. This work will require excavation and concrete work

September 2019 to July 2021

Excavation and drilling work in the bus loop. Relocation of bus stops near the station on Décarie Street.

January 2021

Starting mid-January 2021, we will be changing the worksite configuration to begin work on the entrance building façade. During this phase, the sidewalk in front of the station on Décarie Boulevard will be blocked by the worksite. Pedestrians who want to walk on the north-south axis will have to go around the entrance building alongside the bus loop to continue their route.

January 2021 to August 2022

Expansion of the west facade and continuation of work inside the station.

July 2021

Reopening of the bus loop.

Villa-Maria station has a work of art featuring enormous, brightly coloured polymer concrete circles placed at different angles to guide customer movements. Some of the circles will have to be moved so that we can install worksite fences, but they will be put back at the end of the work.

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The project in images

The Accessibility program is made possible thanks to the additional funding announced by the federal and provincial governments to speed up universal accessibility work with the goal of having 30 accessible métro stations by 2025.

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