Work underway at Place-des-Arts station

The elevators are now in service and the station is universally accessible.

Project summary

A real estate project by a private developer was planning to integrate the De Bleury North entrance into the new building. Since the entrance building had to be closed anyway, we have taken the opportunity to update the station and make it universally accessible by adding three elevators, one of which is located in this entrance building.

Description and duration of the work:

  • Renovation of the De Bleury North entrance building and addition of elevators to the métro station: March 2019 to July 2022 (completed)
  • Private developer’s construction of a new building above the De Bleury North entrance building: March 2019 to August 2023.

Métro impacts: Yes

Bus impacts: Yes

Impact on customer trips

Texte important

The corridor between the métro station and Place des Arts is open 

Work is underway in the corridor linking the métro station and Place des Arts, and the corridor is now universally accessible.

The upgrades will continue until spring 2023. However, the corridor will remain open to customers during that time.

Impact on buses

Some bus stops have also been moved in the area of the De Bleury North entrance building while a private developer works on a new building above this station entrance:

Bus line 35 – Griffintown Eastbound ends its route at the corner of boulevard De Maisonneuve and City Councillors Street. The boarding of the 35 – Griffintown Westbound is also done at this intersection. This modification is necessary because of the many construction sites underway in the area.

Impact on local residents

A private developer is currently working on a new building above the De Bleury North entrance. The métro entrance remains accessible via a marked pedestrian walkway on the west side of De Bleury Street between Président-Kennedy Avenue and De Maisonneuve Boulevard.

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Adding the elevators had to be done in several steps due to the station’s architecture and original layout.

Because of the scope of the work, De Maisonneuve Boulevard had to be closed completely between De Bleury and Balmoral to expand the station deep underground. The street has now been fully open to traffic since November 29, 2021. To install the two elevators between the fare booth level and the platforms in both directions, plus the mechanical rooms needed for them to function, we had to expand the station’s underground infrastructure. This involved soil excavation to a depth of more than 15 metres to make space for the new structures.

The work to integrate elevators in the station is now complete and the elevators are in service since June 16, 2022.

Description of the work:

  • Expansion and refurbishment of the De Bleury North entrance building, construction of an elevator shaft between the street and fare booth levels, and installation of elevator equipment.
  • Refurbishment of the entrance building’s structural slab and staircases.
  •  De Bleury North entrance building is now equipped with butterfly doors to facilitate access to the station.
  • To install the two elevators between the fare booth level and the platforms in both directions, it was necessary to expand the station’s underground infrastructures.

Originally, Place-des-Arts station had four separate entrance buildings, and three of these have been integrated into buildings.

  • The Jeanne-Mance entrance building was covered by the Musée d’art contemporain in 1992.
  • The Président-Kennedy entrance building was covered by UQAM’s Pavillon Président-Kennedy in 1998.
  • The De Bleury South entrance building was covered by the Louis-Bohème in 2010.
  • And, now, it’s the De Bleury North entrance building’s turn to be integrated into a real estate project.

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The project in images

Three elevators have been integrated into the station, allowing to travel between the métro platforms, the mezzanine level of the station and street level via the De Bleury North entrance.

The Accessibility program is made possible thanks to the additional funding announced by the federal and provincial governments to speed up universal accessibility work with the goal of having 30 accessible métro stations by 2025.

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