Work at Laurier station

Project summary

Work will start on April 1st, 2024 next to the South entrance building of Laurier station to replace the pipes supplying water to the métro station.

The same work was carried out in 2023 next to the North entrance building and are now over.

Duration of the work : April 1st to fall 2024.

Description of the work : replacement of pipes supplying water to Laurier station (South entrance).

Métro impacts : no impact.

Bus impacts : relocated bus stop for line 427 East.

Impact on customer trips

All access to the station will remain open at all times. Bus stop of line 427 East will be relocated.

Bus stop of line 427 East is relocated a few meters away on Saint-Joseph at the South-West corner of Rivard Street.

Impact on local residents

The work area will be located on the northbound lane of boulevard Saint-Joseph, between Resther and Berri Streets. Pedestrian crossings will be provided at all times to allow traffic to pass on the sidewalks around the work area.

To facilitate the management of residual materials, we invite residents living near the construction site to follow this collection method: 

  • As usual, all waste and recyclables must be placed in appropriate bags or bins. These must be placed in front of your residence, on the days and at the times stipulated by the borough.
  • If you use a bin, please identify it with your address.
  • The contractor will be involved in the waste collection for your residence: he will move the garbage and recycling bags, as well as the organic and recycling bins, to a collection point defined with the City, and will return your bin to your residence after collection.
  • Please deposit your bags and bins for recyclables and organics in front of your residence from 7 p.m. on the day before or no later than 6 a.m. on the morning of your regular collection day, to allow the contractor to pick them up before the City's collection.

Thank you for your cooperation. This method of waste management will ensure a clean environment and efficient collection during the works.

Learn more about the project

This project includes the following phases:

  • Excavating to access the water mains and water supply system at Laurier station.
  • Drilling and replacing water pipes that connect to Laurier station.
  • Performing overnight work inside the station to access various equipment and connect the water pipes.
  • Paving of streets and sidewalks and completion of work.
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