Work at Laurier station

Project summary

Refurbishment work is underway at the north entrance of Laurier station, located on avenue Laurier East. This work aims to carry out the repair of the floor slab, interior and exterior walls as well as a redesign of the turnstile layout.

Duration of the work: June 2021 to September 2022

Description of the work:

  • Renovation of one interior wall and two exterior walls
  • Floor slab renovation
  • Roofing work on the entrance building
  • Turnstile layout redesign

Métro impacts:

The station will remain open at all times.

Bus impacts: No

Impact on customer trips

Texte important

The station will remain open during the work.

Outdoor worksite partitions at north entrance building

There is a partitioned work area outside the station's north entrance building, on the west side. Please note that these partitions do not block entry to the building.

Interior of the north entrance

There is no significant impact to in-station travel as the majority of work inside the entrance is now complete.

Impact on local residents

Part of the structural slab will be demolished from the outside, and we will conduct some work on parts of the entrance building roof. A worksite will be set up outdoors in the small public space next to the entrance building. Occasionally, the work may generate noise that may be heard near the worksite. In accordance with municipal by-laws, this work will be conducted Monday to Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.


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