Work at Laurier station

Project summary

Work will be carried out near the north entrance building of Laurier station to replace the pipes supplying water to the métro station.

Duration of the work : June 12, 2023, to fall 2023

Description of the work : Replacement of pipes supplying water to Laurier station

Métro impacts : The station will remain open at all times.

Bus impacts : No

Impact on customer trips

The station will remain open during the work. This project will have no impact on customer trips.

Impact on local residents

Exterior work has been completed, and the construction zone has been removed.

Learn more about the project

This project includes the following phases:

  • Excavating to access the water mains and water supply system at Laurier station.
  • Drilling and replacing water pipes that connect to Laurier station.
  • Performing overnight work inside the station to access various equipment and connect the water pipes.
  • Paving of streets and sidewalks and completion of work.

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