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New artwork unveiled at Jolicoeur station

Created by artist Chloé Desjardins, the piece was installed during accessibility upgrades at the station. Titled Perspective, the sculpture reflects the opposition between transparency and opacity, as well as some of the principles developed by celebrated German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, whose international style influenced the architect of Jolicoeur station, Claude Boucher

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Work underway at Jolicœur station

Project summary

Installation of two elevators to make Jolicoeur station universally accessible.

Duration of the work: October 2019 to fall 2022

Description of the work: Installation of elevators

Métro impacts: No

Bus impacts: Yes

Impact on customer trips

  • The station remains opened during the work. 
  • The drop-off area is closed during the work so the contractor can set up the worksite. Also, because of the station’s configuration, the elevators will be built in the expanded portion of the station on the De Sève Street side.
  • On Drake Street, the sidewalk in front of the station and the reserved bus lane is closed off.
  • Some bike racks are relocated near the station doors.
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The south access to the métro entrance will be closed starting August 8, 2022 for a period of approximately 1 month to allow the installation of motorized butterfly doors. You can use the northern access to the entrance building during this period.

Worksite update | February 2022

Outside the station, the excavation is nearly complete. We still have to fill certain areas and do some work on the surface.

Concrete work is also coming to an end, and the natural ventilation shafts near the butterfly doors are now complete and fully functional.

To install elevators in this station, we first have to expand the entrance building on both sides at street level. We are currently finishing work on the building envelope for the Drake Street side of the expansion, having installed new curtain walls for the station walls.

Assembly of the first elevator is going very well. Most of the electromechanical work is done. We will also finish building the other elevator shaft soon. We will start installing the second elevator as soon as its infrastructure is complete.

Impact on local residents

Construction work that may generate noise will generally be restricted to a limited time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. To stay on schedule, we may have to work on the weekends. If this happens, it will be done in compliance with municipal regulations. Also, some work will be completed at night as it absolutely must be done outside of métro operation hours.

Learn more about the project

Integrating elevators into a métro station involves a number of steps. Given Jolicoeur station’s current architecture and configuration, we will have to expand the entrance building on both sides to integrate the two new elevators. The red marquee will be extended, and the elevators will be located on the De Sève Street side and will connect to the mezzanine level via interior corridors. A new curtain wall, a wall made entirely of glass, will be built to preserve the station’s unique architecture.

The two existing natural ventilation shafts will be expanded, and a portion of the space for the shafts will be used to integrate the elevators, and two other ventilation shafts will be added on Jolicoeur Street.

A new work of art

A contest was launched in November 2018 to select an artist who will create a work of art and integrate it into the station. This work of art will be the first one in the station to be created by a professional artist: Jolicoeur station’s ceramic circles were drawn by the station’s architect, Claude Boucher.

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The Accessibility program is made possible thanks to the additional funding announced by the federal and provincial governments to speed up universal accessibility work with the goal of having 30 accessible métro stations by 2025.

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