Work underway at Henri-Bourassa station

Project summary

Since the beginning of the work, we have proceeded with the major rehabilitation of the Berri entrance building and the rehabilitation of some of the station's staircases. The work in the service tunnel has also been completed. Most of the work has been completed since the end of the year 2020, but we still have some work to finalize, related to the electrical wiring of the station.

Duration of the work: April 2018 to summer 2021

Description of the work: Renovation work

Métro impacts: No

Bus impacts: No

Impact on customer trips

This project will have no impact on customer trips.

Impact on local residents

This project will have no impact on local residents.

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During the closure of the Berri entrance building, from April 1 to September 22, 2019, we refurbished the building’s structural slabs and roof and partially refurbished the staircases. Some wall finishes and floor coverings were replaced, the lighting was modernized and the new signage was installed. Some of the building’s windows were also replaced.

We have also created a service tunnel, which houses various equipment and cabling. Although this area is not accessible to the public, the work is necessary to meet current network needs better.


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The project in images

We are expanding a service tunnel that houses various equipment and cabling. To break up the rock, we pour a special type of concrete into the holes. It then expands, cracking the rock. This is what is going on behind the partitions that you see on the platforms.

This work is made possible through funding from the Ministère des Transports du Québec.

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