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Reopening of Côte-Vertu métro station

Work at Côte-Vertu station was completed as planned. The station is open to customers since Monday, August 23, 2021.

Duration of the work: May 29 to August 22, 2021

Description of the work: Installation of a track switch ahead of the station

Impact on customer trips

There is no impact on customer trips


Impact on local residents

There is no impact on local residents

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As part of ongoing work to build an underground garage for the métro, we have installed a track switch ahead of the station. This switch will allow trains to be directed straight to the departure platform, as soon as they arrive at the station. This addition will allow trains to resume service in the opposite direction (Montmorency) more quickly. Installing this device aligns with the purpose of the new garage, which is to enable us to add more trains to the Orange line. To minimize the impact on customers, we decided to schedule the complete station closure during the summer, as ridership is generally much lower at that time.

Launched in 2017, the Côte-Vertu garage project in the Saint-Laurent borough involves building an underground garage with ten new train parking spaces.

By balancing out the number of train parking spaces at each end of the line, this new infrastructure will improve train frequency on the Orange line by up to 25%. This new infrastructure is required to meet four objectives:

  • Increase passenger capacity by adding more trains on the Orange line to improve service frequency during peak periods
  • Add parking spaces for trains
  • Support the expected growth in ridership in the coming years
  • Ensure that the offer of service expands to keep pace with the forthcoming Blue line extension

No. Beaudry (2018-2019), Beaubien (2015), Jolicoeur (2013), Villa-Maria (2011), Côte-Sainte-Catherine (2010), Charlevoix (2009) and Georges-Vanier (2008) stations were also temporarily closed. Côte-Vertu station was also closed for two weekends in summer 2019. The mitigation measures that will be deployed are therefore proven, and the satisfaction level of transit users during the most recent station closure can confirm this.

Track switches are devices that allow trains to change tracks. Installing a track switch ahead of Côte-Vertu station will allow trains to be directed straight to the departure platform, as soon as they arrive at the station, and resume service in the opposite direction more quickly. This means that customers will get on and off the métro at the same platform, improving service frequency during peak periods.

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Learn more about the futur Côte-Vertu Garage for métro trains

This project was made possible by funding from the governments of Canada and Quebec through the implementation of the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund.

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