High-Frequency Lines

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As part of the bus network redesign, new rush-hour high-frequency lines covering a larger geographical area will be added on August 26, 2024: the 107 Verdun, the 112 Airlie and the 496 Express Victoria.

Two types of high-frequency lines

Take your time! Our high-frequency lines offer predictable, efficient service with departures generally* every 2 to 12 minutes, Monday through Friday. 

The two types are:

  • All-day high-frequency : 9 lines
  • Rush-hour high-frequency: 22 lines

Consult the list of high-frequency lines

What are high-frequency lines?

Did you know that 50% of bus trips in the agglomeration of Montréal are taken on high-frequency lines?

Our convenient high-frequency lines provide efficient transportation with buses running more often on our busiest routes. There are two types of high-frequency lines: all day and rush hour.

High-frequency lines are easy to use and offer many benefits: 

  • Large area of coverage with many transfers to other high-frequency lines and to the métro, REM and exo
  • Reserved lanes for faster, more regular service
  • Departures generally* every 2 to 12 minutes, Monday to Friday, all day or during rush hour
  • Flexibility to suit your needs

Enjoy consistent service without too much trip planning, for greater freedom and peace of mind.

A new colour for a new kind of service

Purple color on bus stop signs to identify all-day high-frequency lines, and white color with purple outline to identify rush-hour high-frequency lines

Our high-frequency lines use the colour purple. You’ll see it in several places when planning your trips and along your route. This will help you make more informed choices and better differentiate our high-frequency lines from other bus lines.

The purple associated with these bus lines is now visible on the stm.info web page, and will gradually be added to transit-related mobile apps, bus stop signs and, eventually, network maps.

The high-frequency lines

9 all-day high-frequency lines

All-day high-frequency lines are perfect for your everyday transportation needs.

They offer:

  • More service on our busiest routes
  • Departures generally* every 2 to 12 minutes between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday to Friday, in both directions.

View full schedules and routes:

18  Beaubien  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Beaubien and Honoré-Beaugrand

24  Sherbrooke  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Guy-Concordia, McGill, Peel, Place-des-Arts, Sherbrooke and Villa-Maria

51  Édouard-Montpetit  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Édouard-Montpetit, Laurier, Snowdon and Université-de-Montréal

67  Saint-Michel  Northbound | Southbound

métro  Joliette and Saint-Michel

105  Sherbrooke  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Vendôme  commuter train station  Montréal-Ouest

121  Sauvé/Côte-Vertu  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Côte-Vertu and Sauvé   commuter train station  Sauvé

141  Jean-Talon  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Honoré-Beaugrand and Saint-Michel

165  Côte-des-Neiges  Northbound | Southbound

métro  Côte-des-Neiges and Guy-Concordia

439  Express Pie-IX  Northbound | Southbound

métro  Pie-IX   commuter train station  Saint-Michel-Montréal-Nord

22 rush-hour high-frequency lines

Our 22 rush-hour high-frequency lines provide efficient transportation with increased departures when you need them most.

- Monday to Friday, generally* every 2 to 12 minutes during rush hour in the busier direction

  • AM: usually from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
  • PM: usually from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

View full schedules and routes:

32  Lacordaire  Northbound | Southbound

métro  Cadillac

33  Langelier  Northbound | Southbound

métro  Langelier

44  Armand-Bombardier  Northbound | Southbound

métro  Radisson

45  Papineau  Northbound | Southbound

métro  Fabre and Papineau

48  Perras   Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Henri-Bourassa

49  Maurice-Duplessis  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Henri-Bourassa

55  Boulevard Saint-Laurent  Northbound | Southbound

métro  De Castelnau, Henri-Bourassa, Place-d’Armes, Place-des-Arts and Saint-Laurent

64  Grenet  Northbound | Southbound

métro  Côte-Vertu

69  Gouin  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Henri-Bourassa

80  Avenue du Parc  Northbound | Southbound

métro  Parc and Place-des-Arts 

90  Saint-Jacques  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Atwater and Vendôme   commuter train station  Vendôme

97  Avenue-du-Mont-Royal  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Mont-Royal and Pie-IX

103  Monkland  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Villa-Maria


136  Viau  Northbound | Southbound

métro  Viau

161  Van Horne  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Outremont, Plamondon and Rosemont

171  Henri-Bourassa  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Côte-Vertu and Henri-Bourassa

187  René-Lévesque  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Honoré-Beaugrand

193  Jarry  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Jarry

196  Parc-Industriel-Lachine  Northbound | Southbound

métro  Côte-Vertu

197  Rosemont  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Langelier and Rosemont

406  Express Newman  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Angrignon

470  Express Pierrefonds  Eastbound | Westbound

métro  Côte-Vertu

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The bus network includes:

Purple color to identify all-day high-frequency lines   All-day high-frequency lines

White color with purple outline to identify rush-hour high-frequency lines   Rush-hour high-frequency lines

Blue color to identify day lines   Day lines

Black color to identify night lines   Night lines

The bus network at your fingertips

Our real-time tools keep you updated on what’s happening in our networks and help you make your everyday trips like a pro. Stay informed to avoid any surprises.

*Buses on our high-frequency lines are scheduled to run generally every 2 to 12 minutes. However, this is subject to various factors, including traffic, construction work, road blocks and weather. Although our team works continuously throughout the day to reduce the impact of these factors, they sometimes result in slower service and delays to the planned schedule.

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