All about OPUS cards

Card expired? Need a new one? Forgot how many fares you have?

Find all the answers to your OPUS card questions here.

Your OPUS card has an expiration date!

Do you know if your OPUS card is still valid? Check your OPUS card’s expiration date here

Need a new OPUS card?

Considering a subscription fare? Here’s how to choose the subscription that best meets your needs

Checking your fare balance

If you don’t remember how many fares are left on your OPUS card, there are 3 ways to find out:

  • Go to a fare vending machine at a métro station.
  • Use your OPUS card reader, if you have one.
  • Ask a station agent to check for you.

Prevent lost or stolen cards

It’s easy to protect your card balance online :

Register your OPUS card.

For Transport adapté customers: Your OPUS card is already protected against loss and theft.

More information

Transport adapté customers

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