East end bus garage


In January 2018, the STM announced that it would be adding 300 air-conditioned hybrid buses for 2020. To prepare for this addition, the STM is planning to build a new bus garage in Montréal’s east end. It will be the first fully electric bus garage and will allow the STM to continue to electrify its fleet.

This 30,300-square-metre bus garage, situated at the corner of Souligny and Dickson streets, will have room to accommodate 250 buses. There will be hybrid diesel-electric buses at the beginning and eventually only fully electric buses. The building will be equipped with the facilities needed to use and maintain the buses: storage, parking and traffic areas; access points; multipurpose bays for bus maintenance; warehouses; mechanical and electrical rooms; and administrative spaces.

The new bus garage in the east end is part of the City of Montréal’s Assomption Boulevard extension project. It will be universally accessible and the STM aims to obtain LEED v4 Gold certification for the building.

Advantages of the east end bus garage

For customers and the Assomption Sud - Longue-Pointe area

  • Development of a site that surpasses required environmental standards through integration of green spaces
  • Revitalization of the area
  • Beautification of the adjacent residential area
  • Continuation of the electrification of the bus fleet
  • Support for the growth in public transit ridership
  • Revival of the STM bus fleet expansion

East end bus garage

  • A $370M investment
  • Almost 30,300 square metres in size
  • 550 to 600 employees
  • LEED v4 Gold certification targeted
  • Fully electric

Project status

  • Launch of a call for tenders for a feasibility study: March 2019

Inspired by the Stinson bus garage

The Stinson bus garage, which opened in the Borough of Saint-Laurent in 2014, will serve as a reference in its approach and construction.

First LEED Gold bus garage in Quebec

The Stinson bus garage was designed and built according to the highest standards of sustainability, which made it possible for it to obtain LEED Gold certification from the Canada Green Building Council.

Texte important

Innovative green features

  • Energy efficiency
  • Heat island reduction
  • Resource consumption and integrated mobility

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