De la Concorde (Yves Gendreau)

Yves Gendreau

Nos allers-retours (2007)

Stainless and painted steel
Programme d’intégration des arts à l’architecture du gouvernement du Québec
Location: outside the station

An interlace of curves and lines is supported and articulated by a rhythmic alignment of stainless steel masts. The tubes represent segments of passengers’ individual journeys, which combine to form a single great flow.

Did you know?

The orange, blue, green, and yellow tubes correspond to the métro’s four lines, while the purple tube represents the commuter trains.

About the artist

Born in Granby in 1955, Yves Gendreau developed his artistic skills in Québec’s network of autonomous artists’ centres. Trained as a carpenter, he has installed his playful and energetic “sculptural constructions” throughout Québec.

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De la Concorde (Yves Gendreau)   De la Concorde (Yves Gendreau)   De la Concorde (Yves Gendreau)   De la Concorde (Yves Gendreau)

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