About our website

In April 1997, the STM (then known as the STCUM) launched its first website. For some, it seems like yesterday. For others, it feels like a lifetime ago!

The individuals who were there at the time will tell you: the internet was truly revolutionary. It wasn’t only the technology, but also our collective habits that were about to change.

Back then, a website was primarily used to showcase the company. Over time, it became an essential tool for communicating information to our customers.

Why a website for the STM?

The spark came from École Polytechnique which, to assist our call centre agents, had developed an application that found the best bus and métro route to travel from points A to B, and wanted to make it available on the website. The name we chose for the travel directions calculator was Tous azimuts.

A site worth gold

Barely a few months after it was launched, the STM website received a Web d’Or award. In fact, it was often given as an example by web specialists. Fully upgraded in 2013, the STM website won a NUMIX award in 2014 in the business communications / service app category.

A host of visitors!

In the beginning, the STM website was visited about a thousand times a day. Nowadays, there are more than 60,000 going to our web and mobile sites!

A constantly-evolving site.

Each day, we add new pages to our site or update the information on existing ones. Come back often to keep up!

Ever wonder what our first website looked like?

Here are a few screen shots! They were taken from the Internet Archive website, where you simply type in «stcum.qc.ca» to view the older version of our site. Of course, over time, a number of links no longer work


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