Can we improve the way we welcome new customers? How do we improve SIRTA, our online reservation system?

These are only some of the topics that will be discussed at the table by members of the Comité consultatif des usagers transporteurs (CUT), presented below:

Membres du CUT

Front row: Josée Boyer, representing customers with visual limitations, Gérald Brûlé, STM manager, André Lavallée, representing customers with language/speech or organic limitations, Josélito Roïa, representing customers with motor limitations.

Back row: Michel Lavoie, STM manager, Suzana Iczkovits, paratransit advisor, STM, Chantal Fortier, STM manager, Renaud Drolet, STM manager, Serge Poulin, director general, RUTA, Fahima Boumaiza, RUTA, Marie-Claude Lareau, representing senior customers, Caroline Lévesque, representing customers with intellectual disabilities, Julie Cadieux, universal access advisor, STM, Alain Rochon, STM manager, Mario Gagnon, Transport adapté director, STM

Since it was established in 1985, the CUT’s mandate is to provide opinions about how STM organizes transportation services for people with functional limitations. A variety of topics are up for discussion and determined with the disabled community. Meetings by the CUT help us to improve and work more closely to enhance Transport adapté service and improve how we welcome new customers.

Care to share about your requirements in terms of mobility with public transit?

The Regroupement des usagers du transport adapté et accessible de l’île de Montréal (RUTA) watches out for the best interests of people with functional limitations with regards to public transit.

Would you like to join RUTA as a member?

Call them at 514 255-0765.

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