Given the nature of our paratransit service, although your place is guaranteed, your seat will be assigned by the driver. We cannot guarantee you a specific location or seat.

For the safety and well-being of all passengers, the driver takes into account the people to be picked up next, as well as the physical limitations and mobility aids of the passengers.

The driver’s tablet gives an overview of the route, along with the positions assigned to the passengers so they won’t have to change seats before they reach their destination.

Even though the drivers would like to please everyone aboard, they doesn’t always have the freedom to assign you your preferred seat.

When making a reservation, how can I know whether others riders will be travelling with me?

Taking care of more than 10,000 trips a day is a real challenge!

When planning all trips, we take into account a variety of parameters related to the specific travel conditions for each rider, within the planned travel window.

To meet demand, we coordinate each rider’s confirmed boarding timeframe with several other trips. In order to optimize, we may make certain changes to this type of pairing a few hours before a trip. That’s why, when you make your reservation, we are unable to let you know whether you will be riding with other people.

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