Departure time and arrival time

It’s hard to plan your timetable down to the minute when you use public transit. Good planning is nevertheless the key to getting to your destination unruffled and on time.

When you request transportation, specifying your desired departure time, have in mind that the driver will probably pick up other passenger along.

So if you have a doctor’s appointment, the best way of securing your arrival would be to make your reservation based on your target arrival time, to make sure you get there on time.The reservations agent will give you a departure time that corresponds to your requested arrival time.

Before you request transportation, you need to take into account the opening and closing hours and statutory holiday hours at your destination. If you are meeting someone in a public building, you may also be better off reserving an arrival time 15 to 30 minutes after the doors open at your destination, to avoid having to wait outside if you get there earlier than planned.

Planning your trip is the right way to go!

Before reserving a trip online via SIRTA or by telephone, make sure you have the following information at hand:

  • Your Transport adapté (paratransit) customer number
  • The exact addresses of your departure and arrival locations
  • The desired arrival and return times
  •  Whether or not someone will be accompanying you
  • The type of mobility aid you will be using, including the one for the accompanying person if needed
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