Mystery customer

Perhaps you have never seen them, and yet, there are many who ride our network each day to evaluate the quality of our service. Who? Mystery customers.

Transport adapté has put a lot of effort into improving the customer experience. Among the various means at our disposal to assess the quality of service provided during your taxi rides, we refer to observations made by mystery customers since 2010.

Texte important

A mystery, or undercover, customer is a fake customer sent by a firm specialized in measuring the quality of service.

How does a mystery customer evaluate the quality of service?

Every aspect of the customer experience, from boarding to arriving safely at destination is taken into account. Using an evaluation chart, these mystery customers answer a questionnaire by giving objective and factual information about what they observe during their ride.

A typical evaluation consists of answering 24 questions measuring the following aspects of service:

  • The driver’s courtesy
  • The vehicle’s comfort and cleanliness
  • Safety
  • Compliance with proper work methods during boarding and disembarking
  • Punctuality
  • Compliance with fare control (taxi meters and forms of customer payment)

Rides by mystery customers are random, but they can also be targeted when we want to assess the quality of some drivers so that we may take action. This approach allows us, for example, to check on a situation, anonymously, following a complaint lodged with customer service.

Our mystery customer program falls in line with our efforts to continuously improve the quality of service and, since it was established, we have noted a significant improvement in results.

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