Secured wheelchair

In accessible taxis

Did you notice the following sticker during your most recent trip in an accessible taxi? It was recently put up to show what you should do upon boarding to ensure you have a safe trip.

Pour votre sécurité, le fauteuil doit être fixé aux 4 points d'ancrage

Securement points

The new diagram shows the four anchoring points (1 to 4) used to secure a wheelchair

Distance from the dashboard

Also pay attention to the safe distance required between you and the dashboard. There are two additional anchoring points (A and B) located near the back seat to help you maintain this distance.

Upon boarding, if you think that the distance between you and the dashboard is inappropriate, ask the driver to reposition the wheelchair. The driver may use the rear anchoring points.

Ready to ride?

Your wheelchair must be firmly fixed to each of the four anchoring points. If you find that one of the anchors is still unattached, ask the driver to attach it. After that, you’ll finally be ready to get going and enjoy the safest possible ride.

And just in case...

Did your trip not meet our safety standards for any reason? We rely on you to let us know of any issues by contacting customer service at 514-280-8211 (option 4) or by email at

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