Earth Day 2017

April 22 is Earth Day. You have all the excuses you need to leave the car at home this time and every day of the year.

Using public transit is a day without filling the gas tank, struggling through traffic and feeding the parking meter.

It is an alternative to the car on several levels. The figures speak for themselves:

1 bus = 50 fewer cars on the road


3 buses can avoid 1 km of traffic jams


Montréal residents are among the biggest per capita users of public transit in North America


Since 1966, the métro has been powered 100% by hydroelectricity, a green energy source


Each ton of CO2 emitted by the STM serves to avoid another 20 tons in Montréal, thanks to its clients who leave their car at home to use public transit


Each additional daily hour in a car increases the chances of obesity by 5%


30 minutes of walking per day is recommended; this corresponds to what you do when you use public transit


You prefer public transit for ecological reasons?

Learn more about our sustainable development actions.

You use the bus or métro to stay in shape?

Have fun and discover how to make your trips more active.

Texte important

For Earth Day 2017, your children under 11 years old ride free thanks to the Family Outings offer.

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