Étoiles du métro

The STM, proud partner of the arts

Making your transit rides more enjoyable while showcasing new talent was the goal prompting us to launch our “Étoiles du métro” program in 2012. Each year, musicians wishing to take part in the program audition for access to the seven transit system locations reserved exclusively for “Étoiles” or “Star” musicians. The STM and the Regroupement des musiciens du métro de Montréal regularly promote these artists, both in the métro and at major events around Montréal.


Interested in having your light shine in the métro?

Auditions are over for now… come back next year!

Photo: 2016 event
Auditions take place each year in the fall.

Benefits include:

  • Seven specially designated areas exclusively reserved for star musicians
  • Access to the performance reservation calendar for no worries and late risers
  • A portable personalized banner to be installed in the designated area
  • The chance to perform in over ten major events held in Montréal by STM's partners
  • Promotional support for musicians throughout the year in STM’s bus and métro network

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Discover our stars for 2016:

Alexandre Laborde
-Antton Curutchet-
World music – accordion

Anthony Lovison
Rock, Folk  –  guitar, vocals

Blake Bernett
Pop, Rock  –  vocals

Bolero Trio
Pop, Classical, Jazz  – violins, guitar

Brass Plus One
Pop, Classical, Jazz – brass quintet

Various songs, Bossa Nova  –  guitar, vocals

Traditional  –  double bass

Claude Gélineau
Classical, Jazz, Pop  –  violin

Clément Courtois
Pop, Rock, Brit Pop  –  vocals

World music  –  harp

Corcovado Trio
Various songs, Bossa Nova  –  guitar, vocals

Blues, Folk  –  guitar, concert flute, vocals

Eclectic Django
Jazz, Swing, Bossa Nova  –  guitars

Jazz, Blues, Funk  –  guitar

Elephant Shoe
Blues, Folk  –  guitar, vocals

Enrique Gomez
World music  –  guitar

Flash-Back 57/97
Pop, Rock  –  vocals

Francesco Di Luisi
World music  –  guitar

Pop, Rock, Folk  –  guitar, vocals

Gerry Cabot
Rock, Folk  –  guitar, vocals

Grégoire Dunlevy
Classical  –  concert flute, saxophone - lyrics, stilts

Gypsy Vadrouille
Jazz, Swing -  guitares

Heavenly Blessed Choir
Gospel style choir

Traditional, Japanese fusion  –  violin, koto, vocals

Jacko George
Classical  –  violin

Pop, Folk  –  guitar, vocals

Jocelyne Patenaude
Traditional, Folk  –  accordion, hurdy-gurdy

Pop, Folk  –  guitar, vocals

Blues, Folk  –  guitar, vocals

Just Costa
Pop, Folk  –  guitar, vocals

Rock, Folk  –  guitar, vocals

Laurence Petitpas
World music  –  accordion

Classical, Pop, Rock, Folk  –  accordion, hurdy-gurdy

Lilah Woods
Folk  - chant

Classical  –  clarinette

Marc Soucie
Classical  –  piano

Marie lou Tremblay
Bossa nova, Latin beat  –  guitar, harmonica, vocals

Mélanie Charrier musique & +
Pop, Rock, Gospel, Soul, Rhythm n' Blues  –  vocals

Old Time Honey
Folk, Traditional  –  banjo, washtub bass, washboard

Orange Mist
Pop, Folk  –  guitar, violin

Pavel Pfander
Classical  –  violin

Classical  – cello

Philippe Arpin
Ragtime, Flamenco, Irish, Blues & Folk  –  guitar, banjo

Pierre-Olivier Bolduc
World music

Ping ou Pong
World music

Productions Antichambre
Classical  –  violin, alto, cello

Raph M.
Pop, Rock, Folk, Indie, Reggae  –  guitar, vocals

Raym Bambu
World music  -  guitar

Rosita Hendry
Classical, Traditional  –  accordion

Various songs  –  guitar, vocals

Jazz  –  classical guitar

Stéphane Lemieux
Classical  –  guitar

Street Meat
Traditional  –  accordion, double bass

Pop, Rock  –  guitar, harmonica, vocals

Jazz, Blues, Funk –  guitar, vocals

William Navas
World music, Folk – guitar, Pan flute

Yannick Stravinski
Pop, Rock – vocals

Yemina 余仲欣
Traditional, Chinese fusion


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