We are part of your holidays

We are part of your holidays

During the Holiday season, we thought we could offer you two options to make life easier! Whether you're headed on a family outing or simply going out to celebrate the New Year, these offers will help you enjoy your festive season hassle-free!

Free transit for kids 6 to 11 years old

Thanks to the Family Outings program, during the winter Holidays, children aged 6 to 11 years* ride for free when travelling with an adult holding a valid transit fare. It’s the perfect time to organize a little family outing!

*Children under 6 years always ride for free.

Métro open all night on December 31

To facilitate your celebrations and ring in the New Year with you, the métro will run all night on December 31 (current fares apply). To avoid waiting, buy your transit ticket in advance. If you plan on making several trips that evening, the Unlimited Evening pass would be a good idea. Take advantage of this unique night to celebrate as you see fit, without worrying about anything other than the pleasure of seeing your family or friends.


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