Refurbishment of an STM administrative building

Refurbishment of an STM administrative building

2000 Berri

Located at 2000 rue Berri, the building has reached the end of its life and thus needs to undergo a major refurbish.  

To preserver the structure, the exterior walls will be demolished and rebuilt during the months extending from September 22, 2016 to August 2017.

The work will result in the sidewalk being closed on the north side of rue Ontario, between rue Berri and the alleyway next to the building. In that immediate area, nine parking spaces will be eliminated temporarily.

Motorists can continue to travel along rue Ontario at all time and pedestrians must use the sidewalk on the south side of rue Ontario.

A traffic plan was developed in collaboration with borough officials to lessen the impact of truck traffic in the area. Moreover, trucks loaded with scrap material will only operate at the end of the day. 

This first phase consists of demolishing the building four facades and rebuilding them.

Yes, the work will produce noise at times during the day and the facade demolition will likely produce dust.

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