Accessibility work at Place-des-Arts station

Closure of the De Bleury North entrance building

As part of a real estate project carried out by a private developer, which will integrate the De Bleury North entrance building, this access to the station will be closed as of March 11, 2019.

 We are taking advantage of the closure to begin accessibility work and equip the station with elevators.

During the closure ot the North entrance building :

You can use the other access located on De Bleury, south of De Maisonneuve.

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 The work will be carried out in two overlapping phases.

  • Expansion and refurbishment of the De Bleury North entrance building, construction of an elevator shaft between the street and fare booth levels, and installation of elevator equipment.
  • Refurbishment of the entrance building’s structural slab and staircases.

For the installation of two elevators between the fare booth level and the platforms in both directions, the station’s underground infrastructures must be expanded. This means that the work will be visible above ground level. More information to come.

The opening of the North entrance and the commissioning of the three elevators is planned for fall 2021.


Yes, the station will stay open. Only the De Bleury North entrance building will be closed. The closest entrance is on De Bleury, south of De Maisonneuve.

On or around March 11, the sidewalk around the entrance building will not be accessible. Follow the signs to ensure you get around safely.


From fall 2019, the passageway leading from the entrances on De Bleury to the main fare booth will be closed for the duration of the work on the platforms. Additionally, storage spaces will be required in a few places in the station, but this will not affect transit users.

Yes, some will be moved, as shown on the map below.

The 125 south bus stop at the corner of De Bleury and Président-Kennedy has presently been moved onto Jeanne-Mance, north of Président-Kennedy. It can be accessed via the Jeanne-Mance exit (which has escalators) or the UQAM exit.

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Yes, the De Bleury entrance building will have some.

Different criteria can influence the order in which stations undergo transformations. Transfer stations were given first priority and are about to be completed.

Other criteria include ridership and the fact that the station is a terminus and situated in a densely populated neighbourhood, or that it will help provide an even distribution of accessible stations throughout the system. Also, the technical difficulties specific to each site also impact our ability to quickly set up worksites.

Originally, Place-des-Arts station had four separate entrance buildings, and three of these have been integrated into buildings.

  • The Jeanne-Mance entrance building was covered by the Musée d’art contemporain in 1992.
  • The Président-Kennedy entrance building was covered by UQAM’s Pavillon Président-Kennedy in 1998.
  • The De Bleury South entrance building was covered by the Louis-Bohème in 2010.
  • And, now, it’s the De Bleury North entrance building’s turn to be integrated into a real estate project.

The Accessibility program is made possible thanks to additional funding announced by the federal and provincial governments for the purpose of speeding up work on universal access and making 41 métro stations accessible by 2025.

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