Universal accessibility works on the blue line at Jean-Talon station

In April, we will start installing an elevator connecting the platform from the orange line (direction of Côte-Vertu), and both platforms on the blue line (directions Snowdon and Saint-Michel).

The station is already equipped with three elevators. One is located at the entrance on 430 Jean-Talon East on the mezzanine level, and two other elevators connect to each of the platforms on the orange line.

The works will start in April 2018 and the elevator is scheduled to open for public use in the summer of 2019.

Yes, the station and the accessible entrance will remain open during the scheduled works.

Partitions will be installed in the station, in particular on each of the quays of the blue line, to delimit the zone of works.

The works will not interfere with the traffic around the station.

During the summer of 2018, we will be installing runoff water pumping equipment. This equipment could be heard from outside the station.

No, no bus stop will be moved due to these works.

Bike racks located at the corner of Berri Street and Jean-Talon will be moved to allow for the installation of equipment.

The orange line of the station has been accessible since spring 2015. And, since the Snowdon Station is already equipped with elevators on the blue line, Jean-Talon will become the second accessible station on this line. Since interchange stations are prioritized in the order in which stations will be transformed, we decided to also make the blue line available at this station.

The Accessibility program is made possible thanks to additional funding announced by the federal and provincial governments for the purpose of speeding up work on universal access and making the métro system fully accessible by 2038.

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