Honoré-Beaugrand station now universally accessible

Three new elevators are now available for Honoré-Beaugrand station users. This makes it the 14th métro station on the network to be equipped with elevators. 

Thanks to these new elevators, the Green line is now universally accessible to all customers. Green line users will also be able to use the elevators already installed at Lionel-Groulx station, which is a transfer point between the Orange and Green lines. The Orange line used to be the only one with universally accessible stations, but not anymore!

Just the beginning for the Green line

Elevators will be installed in several other Green line métro stations over the coming years: Viau, Préfontaine, Berri-UQAM (Green line), Place-des-Arts, McGill, Jolicœur and Angrignon. Several other projects are planned for the other three métro lines, with the goal being to make the entire métro system universally accessible by 2038.

The end of a major project

Elevator installation was just one part of the major refurbishment project at Honoré-Beaugrand station. Overall, it included the complete renovation of all of the station’s entrance buildings, its mezzanine and platform levels, replacement of its waterproofing membrane and rebuilding of its two bus terminals.  

Honoré-Beaugrand Nord entryway

  • Building the infrastructure needed to install three elevators
  • Adding windows around the elevator shaft
  • Replacing two butterfly-type doors by wider, motorized doors
  • Replacing the entrance building roof's water-proofing system 
  • Replacing all lighting fixtures

Sherbrooke Nord and Sud entryways

  • Demolition and refurbishment of floor slabs and staircase structures 
  • Installation of a water-proofing membrane
  • Replacement of granite steps and floor finishes
  • Replacement of pivoting door and windows
  • Replacement of roof covering (water-proofing system on roof of entryway)
  • Replacement of lighting fixtures


  • Installation of a glass guardrail at mezzanine level
  • Refurbishment of the mezzanine slab
  • Refurbishment of stairs leading to Angrignon platform
  • Refurbishment of platform slabs
  • Replacement of lighting fixtures
  • Addition of new signage


  • Excavation to refurbish the water-proofing system on the station’s underground roof;
  • Excavation to lay the groundwork for infrastructure needed for the installation of an elevator in the Honoré-Beaugrand Nord entryway;
  • Refurbishment of the pavement in the bus loops;
  • Refurbishment and improvement of lighting levels in bus loops;
  • Replacement of damaged fences;
  • Refurbishment to immediate surroundings of station, including sidewalks, lamp posts, outdoor lighting and interlocking stones.

Work is carried out thanks to funding provided by the ministère desTransports du Québec and Government of Canada.

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