Du Collège

Station transformed after work!

Elevators are now installed at Du Collège station. Check out the Orange line station’s new look.

1. The installation of the elevator linking to the Côte-Vertu platform required the expansion of the north-side entrance building. The exterior finish was also changed. Previously concrete, the finish is now in grey brick with zinc plating. New landscaping around the entrance was also designed.

2. Two elevators were installed. One links three levels: the entrance, the mezzanine and the Côte-Vertu platform. The other links the mezzanine level to the Montmorency platform.

3. The elevator that connects to the Côte-Vertu platform was installed in the expanded entrance building next to Décarie Boulevard. The round windows seen on this side used to look through to the old skylight where the new elevator shaft has been installed.

4. The two staircases had to be demolished then rebuilt in a new layout to free up space required for the installation of the elevators and their public traffic areas. The floor finish on the platform near the elevators was changed.

5. During the reconfiguration of the staircases, the terra cotta finish covering the walls had to be removed.  New grey brick cladding was installed on the Montmorency platform side, the same as the one used for the exterior.

6. This is where the elevator links to the Côte-Vertu platform. Here, the terra cotta brick was preserved.

The pictures on the left were taken last August and those on the right in January 2018. Click on them to enlarge them

View of mezzanine level from intermediate landing above (August 2017)

View of mezzanine level from intermediate landing above (January 2018)

View from mezzanine level, protected artwork and partitioned-off escalator (August 2017)

View from mezzanine level, protected artwork and partitioned-off escalator (January 2018)

View from Montmorency train platform, new staircase under construction (August 2017)

Reconstructed staircase and new elevator (January 2018)

View of the construction of the elevator pit on the Côte-Vertu side from the mezzanine level (August 2017)

The new elevator (janvier 2018)

View from the entryway’s old skylight, now the site for one of the two elevators (August 2017)

The elevator installed in the old skylight (January 2018)

  • Expansion of north side entrance building to house elevator installation
  • Construction of elevator shafts and installation of elevators
  • Complete rebuilding of stairs between train platforms and mezzanine
  • Construction of elevator control rooms
  • Refurbishment of mechanical equipment rooms
  • Rebuilding of wall between mezzanine and street levels
  • Demolition of skylight and glass canopy on boulevard Décarie side
  • Construction of a slab
  • Refurbishment of rooftop membrane on north side entrance building
  • Refurbishment of station’s waterproofing membrane
  • Reconfiguration of fare collection turnstiles
  • Landscaping of public area surrounding the entrance building
  • Addition of a skylight

The project to make the station universally accessible follows in the wake of the decision to build a new underground garage beyond Côte-Vertu station. That project will enable us to increase the number of parking spaces for métro cars.

In order to carry out that major project, the Côte-Vertu station will eventually have to be closed temporarily. But before shutting down that station, we will add elevators at Du Collège station to make transportation as easy as ever for you. As such, your transit experience will be enhanced while work is being carried out.

Two elevators will be built into the north side entryway. The first will link the entrance at street level to the mezzanine below and the Côte-Vertu train platform, with the second one taking you directly to the Montmorency train platform.

Expanding the entrance building will create the space needed for the elevator shaft between the entryway at street level and the train platform to Côte-Vertu.

Work is made possible thanks to funding from the Ministry of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Electrification.

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