Work underway at Côte-Vertu station

Projet summary

The waterproofing membrane that covers the pedestrian passageway at Côte-Vertu station will be completely refurbished. This major project will result in the partial closure of De La Côte-Vertu Boulevard between Gohier and Décarie streets during very specific phases.

Duration of the work: April 23 to November 2019 - Work completed

Description of the work: Remplacement of the station's waterproofing membrane

Impact on métro service: No

Impact on bus service: Yes

Impact on customer trips

Texte important

The métro station and local businesses will be accessible at all times.

We have completed the final stage of the project: the reconstruction of the central median on De La Côte-Vertu Boulevard between Gohier and Décarie streets. Two lanes in both directions will be open for vehicle traffic.

Bus stops returned to their original locations.


Impact on local residents

This work could affect the flow of vehicle traffic in the area.

voiture For vehicles travelling on De La Côte-Vertu Boulevard, two westbound lanes and two eastbound lanes will be open for the last phase of the project: the reconstruction of the central median.

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Replacing a waterproofing membrane requires excavating the ground above it to a depth of several metres. The station spans the entire width of the boulevard, which will have to be excavated along its entire width. However, the work will be carried out in several phases to maintain the flow of traffic on De La Côte-Vertu Boulevard.

In addition to replacing the waterproofing membrane, we will build the traffic lanes for the future bus rapid transit (BRT) service that will connect the Sauvé and Côte-Vertu stations when we reconstruct the road surface. This will avoid another road closure when the BRT service gets underway in fall 2020.

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This project was made possible by funding from the governments of Canada and Quebec through the implementation of the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund.

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