Côte-Vertu station closure

As part of the construction work on the underground garage for the métro, the STM must replace electrical cabling between Côte-Vertu station and the worksite located on the tail tracks. We will therefore have to close Côte-Vertu station for a few weekends.

The targeted weekends are:

  • Saturday and Sunday, March 30 and 31
  • Saturday and Sunday, April 6 and 7 (possible closure)
  • Saturday and Sunday, April 13 and 14

If the work is more complex than expected, the station will have to be closed for an additional weekend, on April 6 and 7.

Du Collège station will become the temporary terminus for the Orange line during the closure. Shuttle bus service will be set up between Côte-Vertu and Du Collège stations. In addition, the 64 Grenet and 470 Express Pierrefonds bus lines will take you directly to Du Collège station.

The worksite

As part of the construction work on the underground garage for the métro, electrical cabling has to be installed on the Côte-Vertu station tail tracks. Closing a métro station is always the last option we consider. However, for safety reasons and because the station’s power will be cut off, we are unable to operate the station during the work. To minimize the impact on customers, we decided to close the station completely on the weekend because ridership is considerably lower than during the week.

This new infrastructure is required to meet four objectives:

  1. Increase passenger capacity by adding more trains on the Orange line to improve frequency of service during peak periods
  2. Add parking spaces for trains
  3. Support the expected growth in ridership in the coming years
  4. Ensure that the offer of service expands to keep pace with the Blue line’s forthcoming extension.

Another closure is planned in 2020, when a track switch will be added ahead of the station to direct trains directly to the departure platform. This installation will allow us to put trains into service faster. We will also take advantage of the closure to perform major refurbishment work in the station. Information about the closure will be posted on our website in due time.

No. Beaubien (2015), Jolicoeur (2013), Villa-Maria (2011), Côte-Sainte-Catherine (2010), Charlevoix (2009) and Georges-Vanier (2008) stations were also temporarily closed. Beaudry station (2018-2019) is currently closed for major refurbishment work. The mitigation measures that will be deployed are therefore proven, and the satisfaction level of transit users during the most recent station closure can confirm this.

We will be able to determine whether work will have to be done on the weekend of April 6 and 7 the day after the first weekend closure, namely April 1. This information page and signage inside the station will be updated on Monday, April 1, to notify our customers

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The shuttle service

The shuttle service connects Côte-Vertu station to Du Collège station.

Aside from the 64 Grenet and 470 Express Pierrefonds bus lines that will end their routes at Du Collège station during the closure, all other bus lines will end their routes at Côte-Vertu as usual. For customers wanting to connect to the métro network, the shuttle 810 Côte-Vertu/Du Collège will take you to Du Collège station.

These lines will end their routes at Du Collège station rather than Côte-Vertu station to facilitate access to the métro network. Schedules may vary during closures, given the route changes.

The shuttle will operate during the métro’s usual hours. It will run every three minutes.

It will take approximately five minutes to travel between métro stations, depending on traffic conditions.

No. You must pay your fare when you board the bus.

You can buy your transit fares from a number of points of sale near the station (convenience stores and pharmacies). Look up the list of authorized retailers.

Since Du Collège station is located 900 metres from Côte-Vertu station, you can also walk. It takes approximately 12 minutes to walk between these stations. Additionally, the 17 Décarie line serves Côte-Vertu station and go to Du Collège station. This line is a good option for people with reduced mobility as the elevator at Du Collège station is located in the north entrance building.

No. The métro will continue to run at the same frequency but will end its route at Du Collège station instead of Côte-Vertu station.

This work is made possible through funding from the mistère des Transports du Québec.

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