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Work continues, as several other steps involving tests and adjustments must be completed to ensure they are in good working order.

You can use the staircase or continue to use the Ouest (west-side) entrance.

See the station's neibourghood map for the exact location.

Replacement of three escalators

To help make it easier for you to get around, we initiated the replacement and major refurbish of 63 escalators in our métro system.

The escalators in Côte-des-Neiges station are part of the replacement program. All three escalators in the Est entrance (corner of Lacombe and Côte-des-Neiges) will be replaced.

What type of work and how long will it take?

Work will be taking place in two phases.

During this first phase of work, the three existing escalators will be dismantled and taken out of the station. More than 1500 parts per escalator must be meticulously taken apart and removed. Any parts in good condition are salvaged and reconditioned, so they can be reused as spare parts on other identical escalators in the métro system.

Once that is done, we must lay the foundation infrastructure to support the new escalators. In some locations, that infrastructure needs to be reinforced, because the new escalators are bigger and heavier.

Lastly, the new escalators are brought into the station. Moving such large, heavy pieces requires delicate handling, as they must be precisely positioned in a tight space to ensure the escalator is level straight. Once a heavy escalator is set down into place, it is very difficult to move it again.

Now that all the pieces for the new escalators are inside the station, they must be assembled. Much care must also be taken during this phase, so that the escalator lines up perfectly, and that the full length of the stairs is adjusted precisely.  After that, mechanical adjustments are performed (brakes, pull-chain tension, and more), as well as programming, e.g. standby speed.

After, the escalators undergo a series of stringent tests, followed by a one-month observation period, during which the escalators are run without any people on them, to validate their performance and make sure that it complies with the strictest standards of safety. Once all these steps are completed, we can approve the escalator and put it into passenger service.

Yes, the station will stay open.

No, no bus stops will be relocated.

Replacing an escalator is a complex task. To lessen the impact this work will have on customers, we have taken every step to keep the entrance building open. However, with Côte-des-Neiges station, the limited space inside the entryway and the number of escalators needing to be replaced left us with little choice but to close the entrance building during the first phase of work, to ensure the fluid movement of people and the safety of transit users.

This work is made possible thanks to funding from the Ministry of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Electrification.

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