Work underway at Champ-de-Mars station

Project summary

Between now and December 2020, Champ-de-Mars station’s waterproofing membrane will be completely refurbished. We will also take advantage of the excavation work to perform work above the station tracks.

The station will be accessible at all times.

Duration of the work: From May 18 to December 2020

Description of the work: Replacement of waterproofing membrane and repairs in the station

Impact on métro service: No

Impact on bus service: No

Impact on customer trips

The métro station will be accessible at all times.

Work in stations will take place mainly at night and will not have any direct impact on customer trips.
Work in station:

  • Repairs to the walls at far ends of platform
  • Injection of cracks
  • Work above the tracks
  • Dismantling of mechanical ventilation station

Impact on local residents

The map below shows the worksite.

Pedestrians will be able to access Place des Montréalaises from Viger via a walkway running alongside the station entrance building.

Beginning Friday, July 10, the City of Montréal pedestrian tunnel leading to Old Montréal will be closed permanently. Customers wishing to access Old Montréal will have to take Hôtel de Ville.

For more information on the pedestrian tunnel and work being done in this area, visit the City of Montréal website.

Trucks will enter and leave the work site at Viger Avenue. Flaggers will be present at all times during truck movements to ensure user safety.

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Any construction work likely to generate noise will generally be scheduled between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. In accordance with municipal by-laws, some work may continue over weekends to keep the construction on schedule. Also, some work must absolutely be done outside of métro service hours and may be carried out at night.

Champ-de-Mars station is known for its impressive work of art. Visible from both inside and outside the station, these huge stained-glass windows are a real eye-catcher for transit users.

Work to replace the waterproofing membrane will require ground excavation around the station entrance building, close to the stained-glass windows. An external partition will be put in place to protect the work of art for the duration of the work.

Learn more about Marcelle Ferron’s luminous stained-glass windows

The waterproofing membrane protects the station from water infiltrations. It covers the station’s underground roof and is therefore located underground. Champ-de-Mars station’s waterproofing membrane dates back to the station’s initial construction and has reached the end of its useful life.

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The station in photos

This work is made possible through funding from the ministère des Transports du Québec.

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