2018: Métro Projects

With the many improvements scheduled throughout the network, our teams won’t be idle this year!

Here is an overview of the current and future major projects in 2018:

  • Du Collège: Commissioning of new elevators this summer
  • Honoré-Beaugrand: Commissioning of elevators and end of major renovation of the station
  • Berri-UQAM: Last stage of reconditioning, starting this spring
  • Jean-Talon: Installation of an elevator for the Blue line
  • Jean-Drapeau: Installation of two elevators
  • Mont-Royal: Installation of two elevators and rebuilding of the entrance
  • Henri-Bourassa: Modernization of the corridors and the platforms
  • Viau: Complete renovation of the station and addition of elevators
  • Beaudry: Reconditioning of the entire station
  • Vendôme: Construction of a new entrance with elevators

There are also several other projects

  • Construction or startup of work on five mechanical ventilation stations
  • Repair of multiple service buildings located between métro stations
  • Replacement and major repair of certain escalators
  • Replacement of various electrical equipment
  • Water pipes in the vaults of several stations
  • Improvement of lighting in several stations
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